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How to make enterprise portal popular among employees?

What is an «Enterprise Portal»? If it's simple, it's an organized information space, the main task of which is to access a wide range of opportunities for the user. In fact, this is a one-stop service within the organization for employees.

Often, it is the internal corporate portal that becomes the central access point with other company resources, a kind of hub, a platform that integrates all data and applications in one place. Depending on the tasks, the employee can go to CRM to work with external clients, or to the internal tracker system for setting / monitoring tasks and so on. There can be many scenarios. For example, in our company, the user, depending on the role, can "go" to the portal module for HR managers and personnel officers (the so-called "Personnel" module), or to the ticket reception system (trouble ticket), or project management system and tasks (

It sounds interesting, because many companies that still "decide" to include in the workflow corporate portal, indeed, get a more efficient employee, because now to get the necessary information, it will spend much less time getting almost everything from one interface. As a result, time savings and financial savings.

However, if it comes to implementation, the portal works, the management is pretty, why does not anyone go to the internal portal ...?

Problems with the popularization of corporate portal among employees are available for many companies. Such a problem was with us. But, per aspera ad astra, having stuffed cones, we eventually came to the right approaches, which led to the fact that now in "Newland" the corporate portal becomes a visited, necessary, functional resource, the utility of which was felt by many employees of the company.

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Tell everyone in the company that there is a corporate portal, it is useful and necessary for solving such problems as ... In addition to the official order to enter such a tool and incorporate it into business processes, an example of the company's first persons in using the portal is important. It is the example of leadership that will become the starting point and such a tool can no longer be ignored.

Educate Yes, it is necessary to train. Without this, nothing at all. For many, the internal portal - especially if it is quite complex, has many functions and subsections - is a new land of user experience. For training, the format of the step-by-step instruction with a brief description of the sections is suitable. Well, if you can create short cases to solve the standard problems of employees through the portal.

портал в прошлое

Access Strangely enough, it's important to make sure that all employees in the company have access to the portal (it generally opens, if it opens, remembers, the employee knows his login and password to the system?), Especially if there are remote jobs. Again, well, if there is a scenario for entering a new employee in the post, where an algorithm for granting access to the portal is prescribed. Here the developed instruction for the beginner will help.

When we launched the updated version of the corporate portal "Newland", we began to actively write content for it, make weekly newsletters with the main events in the life of the company, employees began to go to the portal ... but not all. As it turned out, many simply did not have access to the resource, or they successfully lost their password to the portal.

The only and actual source of knowledge and information in the company. Everything is important - on the portal! I missed the news about the shortened working day - sit down to the victorious. The current, important information posted on the portal, willy-nilly, will encourage employees to visit it more often. Write constantly, react quickly to existing and potential information questions of the company's employees and everything will be fine.

Content, usability and download speed.Of course, you need to write interesting, create thoughtful graphics solutions, analyze user paths on the portal, work on a visual solution of the main page and sections of the site. Clear design, proper information flow, easy navigation are standards. Follow them!

From our experience. Employees of one of the branches of the company practically did not go to the portal, although they had all the necessary access and received a mailing to corporate mail. Why? As it turned out, everything is simple: for some reason, visual content was loaded for a long time and the impression was created that the portal was frozen. People are accustomed to fast Internet, a second download of content and did not wait until the portal was loaded, disappointed, left it and did not go any more. The problem was solved - the employees of this branch began to visit the portal.

Responsible for the portal. Such a role is simply necessary. What for? If everyone writes on the portal, the portal will become a "garbage" of heterogeneous content and style of information delivery. The person responsible for the information or the portal administrator himself creates the content or receives all the necessary information from experts or experts.

It is important to understand that there is «herd instinct» the law of «critical mass», according to which if most of the company's employees actively use the portal, the rest will have no choice but to use it so as not to fall out of the information flow, be in the subject, and not to become an outcast.

портал в прошлое

In our company, the corporate portal has been functioning for more than a year. He experienced all: the stage of hopes, the stage of oblivion, and the stage of growth and development. Today we continue to work on all aspects of the product, making it more user-friendly, adding new functionality, developing different versions of the product for the needs of customers.

Hopefully, were helpful with recommendations!

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