CRM system: implementation stages

LLC NEWLAND technology / 28.01.2020

CRM system: implementation stages

How to avoid mistakes upon CRM system implementation?

CRM system implementation is a complex procedure. Companies usually fail to organize and control it, receive the reports with help of software. It is inevitable that such projects for implementation do not succeed. There are many reasons, one of the main ones is that companies strive to use the product more quickly avoiding preparation stages.

We have prepared an instruction for CRM system implementation in a company. It is designed to assist the business of any type to implement software correctly, as fast as possible and without losses.

First stage is internal preparation for implementation. Companies usually skip this step, which results in low level of commitment among the employees involved in the project. Such case leads to further blocking of CRM system when managers simply reject to fill the data in the program.

Even when it comes to small business conflict of interest may appear, while each department is trying to get what they want. The goal of the senior management is to initiate a working group comprising the reps of all the departments facing the automation. The group shall consist of the managers having authority in internal processes or most experienced employees. It is essential to treat the concept of working group as just a formality or simulation of any activities – it must be operating actively. There are following steps to do first.

Define objectives for implementation. The objective has to mean a certain result, for instance, increase of the processed leads by 30 % within a certain period of time. Tasks are separate matters to be resolved: manage business-processes, improve receiving e-mails, organize collective planning.

Analyze company business-model. Define primary and secondary processes, its frequency, the responsible persons, deadline and resources. This model allows to form first requirements to CRM-system. For instance, obligatory integration with a web-site, warehouse availability, manufacture type, etc. Try to make everything organized to understand what to improve. The period of automation means extra time to reconsider the order of things and level up.

Evaluate the number of users. It seems easy to count those who has CRM system installed. Actually there is more to think through and focus on. Having employees working remotely. They need to be connected to CRM system. That way it is comfortable to work for them and no data is lost.

Having employees, who usually work outside the office. This is a source to save money, for instance, you may buy competitive licenses and while one employee is absent, another may use it (bill by connections).

Don’t forget the directors and an administrator. Even if it seems weird, the directors and technical specialists are the ones to be missed in counting. And further they are mostly essential users.

Form and approve a scheduled plan for choosing and implementing CRM system. Even when you fail to meet a set timeline, the plan will bring out needed discipline not allowing to take more days, months and even years.

Maintenance of CRM-system

Training is a great start to use CRM system, but there are some complications. For some reason the best training seems as a set of lectures and practice in an audience with specialists from vendor’s side showing functionality of the system while employees by individuals or in pairs repeat the actions at their PCs. Actually that is the worst training. These are the following reasons:

• adults have lost a habit to learn like students
• every employee is used to their computers and even a similar one will not be suitable
• it is easier to hide yourself by a strong employee and observe
• every employee has its own working rhythm and it is not possible to teach them at the same time.

That way simply demonstration seems much more useful and effective. Actually, online-training to study CRM system and related documents is a leading means of today. Moreover, less resource intensive one.

Each company needs an expert in CRM system, who will study it at an admin’s level and will teach the employees knowing the peculiarities of the company. That does not have to be a head of department, may be admin’s assistant, analyst, sales manager or marketer, etc. What they need is desire, understanding of processes and skill to formulate their thoughts correctly.

After training the stage of active maintenance begins. In fact, it is the longest period meaning the lifetime of CRM system inside a company. You put your strength, nerves and resources together to implement the program. Now the most important is not to waste it. Some getting used to period is totally expected, but the goal is to make it an electronic copy of your business. One needs 21 day to make a habit, which means a full working month. Within that period employees have to be motivated, initiated to integrate with CRM system, continue training and consulting from the outside.

What is important at the stage?

It is obligatory to set up, change and add business-processes. Automatic procedure will make your life much easier resulting in cohesive working.

Plan and manage tasks in CRM system only. That way employees get used to tasks waiting for them there, they understand how convenient it is, further joining in automation of their personal and group tasks. Moreover, it is easier regarding stages, notifications, all data is here, all the deadlines are clear. One word – order.

Motivate employees to fill in data correctly, fully and in time.

Do not ignore individual needs of managers – help them to set up reports, templates, change the look of the program. Moreover, it is possible to order some modification, if an employee justifies it.

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