LLC NEWLAND technology / 05.12.2017


High level of competition within financial services demands constant improvement of internal processes in the banks, in addition, constant increase of quality while working with the clients.

Our customer was searching for a solution to optimize client streams, minimize their service time and increase the efficiency of the employees. One of the main requirements for electronic queue management is an integration capability with CRM-system of the Bank.

Our solution

Upon designing of electronic queue we have to consider client’s desires:

  • simple service both for the clients and employees;;
  • flexible software to adapt to new tasks;
  • integration with banking CRM-system;
  • capability to transfer a client to another employee within one session (in the hands of an operator);
  • receiving additional information about clients;
  • capability to track the operations of all the branches and offices;
  • statistics by all the request types and period of service;
  • employee efficiency reporting;
  • increase of average spend by notifying a client about any special offers;
  • receiving data about the level of satisfaction in service quality provided to the clients, getting feedback and, as a result, boosting loyalty. 

After implementing our solution the client got following results:

- Electronic queue allowed to reduce waiting time by 35%. This was accomplished by optimizing distribution of client streams among the employees of the Bank.

- The implementation helped to increase employee efficiency. Electronic queue made it possible to track the workload of the offices, check its performance and compliance with single service standards, track the periods of peaks by workloads and plan employee working hours. Designed system allows to get daily reports on the performance of all the offices in the Bank.

- Integration with internal CRM-system allowed to evaluate and improve employee performance. Automated calculations of individual KPI by each employee and the office as a unit.  

Electronic queue allowed the client to use additional advertisements. We anticipated the capability to add the information about products, services and special offers to the ticket. LCD-panel performs following functions, such as displaying ordinal number of a client and showing special offers to the customers still waiting.