Hackers are attacking Belarusian companies

LLC NEWLAND technology / 31.07.2019

Hackers are attacking Belarusian companies

By this virus attached to an e-mail and disguised under some financial records these frauds attacked Belarussian companies. This was stated by official telegram-channel of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

An employee gets a letter to his/ her e-mail address with a subject, such as, for instance, report, invoice, plan, etc. from fake accounts of the partners with an attached *.exe file. Upon opening such file, a message to update an operating system appears and at the same time a malicious code forms a fake payment check to transfer money on fraud accounts.

We recommend you to follow these rules:
  • do not load attached files unless you are absolutely sure in an e-mail sender;
  • do not save a key with electronic signature on your computer, otherwise virus algorithm will use it while generating a payment check;
  • carry out timely updates of your software.

To secure your company from cyberattacks and unauthorized access to internal documents, identify timely a leak of corporate data and protect commercial data we offer specialized software in the field of information security.

NEWLAND technology is an official partner of Positive Technologies, which is one of the leading software suppliers of digital security.

The main products of Positive Technologies are:

MaxPatrol 8 is evaluation analysis of protection status of not only information system as a whole, but separate divisions, assemblies and applications. Testing mechanisms on break-ins (Pentest), system checking (Audit) and control of standards’ compliance (Compliance) combining with analysis of various operating systems, Database Management Systems and Web-applications allow MaxPatrol 8 to carry out uninterrupted technical security audit on all the levels of information security.

MaxPatrol SIEM comprises processing the events of information security, data collection on the assets and automatic threat-identification, including unknown ones. MaxPatrol SIEM immediately gets alarm notifications, which helps to react promptly to any attack and carry out detailed investigation, in addition preventing reputational and financial risks.

PT ISIM is hardware-software complex which allows to monitor network protection of industrial-control system, helps to identify cyberattacks on early stages and unauthorized actions of employees (including frauds), allows to be fully compliant to all the legal requirements.

PT MultiScanner is multi-levelled protection system from destructive software. It allows to identify virus threats, block its distribution in the industry, detect hidden occurrence of destructive programs using optimal set of antiviruses.

XSpider scanner is to identify vulnerabilities. The main task of XSpider scanner is to identify vulnerabilities in network sources prior to fraud actions and give clear recommendations to eliminate such detected issues.

A full list of products with its detailed description is on Positive Technologies web-site.

If you are interested in information security of your company, we are ready to help!