IoT technology: fields of application

LLC NEWLAND technology / 09.06.2020

IoT technology: fields of application

IoT-technologies are actively developing right now. What was meant as an unreal estimation is being realized. Leading IT giants (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, HPE) offer solutions which connect things in a single ecosystem which is IoT platform for management, analysis and problem-solving.

Tendencies of IoT solutions

IoT technology is becoming a part of a daily life. Many tendencies are now developing into something new and perspective:

1. Smart Home means automation, increase of the level and quality of life. Smart Home usually consists of monitoring center and connected devices. It includes diverse sensors which prevent fire and theft, household appliances (TV, coffee machine, etc.), sockets, lightning.

2. Smart City. Intellectual surveillance, automatized transportation, energy consumption management systems, water allocation, urban security and environment monitoring are the examples of IoT applications for Smart Cities.

3. Connected Car is a means of transport able to optimize maintenance, technical support and passenger comfort due to onsite sensors and Internet connection. Both small startups and huge companies, such as Tesla, BMW, Apple, Google, are working on them.

4. Smart Agriculture is one of fast-growing fields in IoT. Here are several examples of how to apply IoT: detection of humidity level, fertilizers and plant nutrients, control of water usage for plant growth.

5. Smart sales allows to improve service quality of the customers in a shop. Interaction through smartphones and the usage of Beacon technology will help retailers to provide services for the clients. It is possible to track customer’s route within a shop to change its planning and place high-quality products in the right places.

6. Smart power systems refer to automatic data collection of customer and energy supplier behaviors to increase effectivity and save money on electricity.

7. IоT in health services. The concept of software for medical services and smart devices has great perspectives for companies and general state of people. The research shows massive growth of IoT technology, especially in medicine, is coming. Collected data will help to create personalized health analysis and provide individual strategies to fight against illnesses.

8. IоT in poultry farming and overall farming. Using IoT applications for data collection about health of poultry farmers will be able to help a sick animal and anticipate a massive outbreak.

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