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What is “Corporate portal”? Simply put, it is organized information space with a key task to give access to a wide spectrum of capabilities for a user. Basically, it is ‘one-window’ service insight a company for its employees.

Usually internal corporate portal is a central access point to all the company resources, a hub, a platform to integrate all the data and applications in one space. Depending on the tasks an employee may enter CRM-system to work with external clients or get into internal track-system to set and control the tasks. There are many scenarios. For instance, there is a user in a company depending on its position he/she can enter a module for HR (“HR-module”), or inquiry system (trouble ticket), or project management system (

Sounds interesting as many companies by implementing corporate portal get a more effective employee as he/she has all the necessary info in one interface. As a result, employee saves time, employer saves money.

However, when it comes to implementation portal works, directory seems satisfied so why don’t anybody want to enter internal portal..?

Many companies face such a problem. So do we. Commonly said, per aspera ad astra, with a bit of struggles we found the approach needed. Corporate portal became attended, much needed and functional source for Newland employees.

Sharing experiences

Tell everybody about company’s corporate portal, its convenience and must to solve such tasks as… Besides an authorized order to implement such tool in the business-processes of the company it is extremely important for the authorities to show their own example of using the portal. It will become a turning point for all the employees to use it and not to ignore its existence.

Teach. Indeed, it has to be done without any doubt. For the majority of people internal portal has too many functions and subdivisions, moreover it might be overloaded with data for the customer. Excellent choice to learn is a step-by-step guidebook with a short description of each of the divisions. It will be even better to illustrate short cases for standard troubles which employees might face.

portal to the past

Access. It is better to be sure that all the employees have access to the portal (does it open? if it is, is an employee aware of his/her log address and password?). In particular, it concerns remote workstations. In addition, there needs to be a clear procedure for new-comers.

When we launched an updated version of NEWLAND corporate portal and became to write content actively, carry out daily mailing with company’s main events, employees started to visit the portal… As it turned out, many of them either did not have access to the source or have lost the password for good.

The only relevant source of information in the company. All is in the portal! Missed info about reduced working day – will stay for the whole one. Relevant and important info in the portal will motivate the employees to visit it without any doubt. You write and get practically instant feedback, only this approach will save the platform.

Content, usability and loading speed. . It is clear that information must be readable with applicable graphics, analyze user’s paths in the portal, work on a visual solution of the frontpage and website sections. Appropriate design, proper info placement and easy navigation are a must to follow!

Our experience. The employees of one of the company’s branches haven’t visited the portal, though having all the resources to do it (access and a link to corporate e-mail). Why? As it turned out, visual content wasn’t loaded fast and it seemed to be stuck. People are used to fast internet with fast content and weren’t ready to wait for the portal to upload. As a result, they stopped the tries to log in. Finally, problem solved and the employees became active in the portal.

The responsible for the portal. Such position is, indeed, necessary. Why? If everybody has the possibility to write in the portal, it will not be of unified form and style. The responsible, or portal administrator creates the content on its own and gets all the necessary info from the professionals.

Tipping point as a tendency exists. In our case, the majority of company’s employees use actively the portal, the rest simply does not have a choice but do the same to keep up and not to be the lost one.

portal to the past

In our company corporate portal is well-functioning system for over a year. It survived the whole cycle from hopes and dreams to development and prosperity. Today we continue working on all the product aspects, making it more convenient for the users and constantly adding new capabilities, developing various product versions by the clients’ needs.

More information is here.

Hope to have been useful.