LTE networks are actively growing

LLC NEWLAND technology / 17.02.2018

LTE networks are actively growing

Over the past three months Belarusians have actively increased their traffic consumption in LTE networks - five compared to the same period a year earlier - from 1.5 petabytes to 8.5 petabytes. Over the past period, the infrastructure operator beCloud increased the number of settlements with the presence of LTE by more than a third.

Starting today, the service is available in nineteen new cities of the country, the total number of LTE-points on the map of Belarus has exceeded seventy cities. The largest number of LTE base stations was launched in Vitebsk and Vitebsk region. In the regional center there were six, and sixteen in the region itself.

In the Minsk region new base stations appeared in Vileyka, Slutsk, Gatovo, Zhodino, Zabolotye, Nesvizh, Svetloy Puti, Sloboda, Hatezhino. A week ago in Minsk and the Minsk region, twenty-four additional LTE stations started operating.

In Belarus, the 4G service, which operates on the basis of the LTE network from beCloud, is available to subscribers of mobile operators MTS and life:).

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