Our control solution

LLC NEWLAND technology / 09.07.2018

Our control solution

Our company enters the market with a new solution for telecom operators, which allows them to optimize their work, reduce financial costs, and quickly and effectively respond to extraordinary events. The hardware-software complex "Absolute" is a remote control and monitoring of engineering system processes.

The complex allows to remotely monitor and manage the engineering systems of the telecommunications operator, collect and store data on the state of the systems, inform about the changes in the state of the systems.

"Absolute" consists of hardware controllers "Absolute: SmartSite" installed on the customer's facilities. They collect data from objects and perform local management of monitoring objects and program modules that are responsible for managing controllers, as well as processing and storing information collected from monitoring objects.

The controllers are connected to the operator's network via Ethernet. In the event of Ethernet network failure, a switch to the standby channel operating in the mobile network of the operator is performed.