The first network for the internet of things will appear in Belarus

LLC NEWLAND technology / 22.12.2017

The first network for the internet of things will appear in Belarus

The velcom mobile operator received permission to launch the first NB-IoT narrowband network in Belarus, intended for the "Internet of Things". The State Commission for Radio Frequencies (GCRC) provided velcom with the opportunity to use part of the previously allocated frequency band company. Specialists call the new technology revolutionary. Belarus will be one of the first countries in Europe to launch the network of NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things). In the near future, it can find application in solving various tasks - from managing "smart" counters and devices in the home to the introduction of intelligent urban systems.

GCRCH allowed to launch the NB-IoT network in the 900 MHz band, which is now used mainly for the GSM standard. For "Internet of things" velcom uses a narrow bandwidth of 200 kHz, which will not affect the functioning of existing networks.

The NB-IoT standard is up to 30 times higher than the current M2M communication technology by the level of signal penetration. In particular, it will cover hard-to-reach places, including basements, cable wells, lowlands and buildings with thick walls and ceilings. The new standard also features a wide range of applications, efficiency and energy efficiency.

"NB-IoT technology will bring Belarus to the number of world leaders in the development of the" Internet of Things ". In many ways, we act as pioneers - after all, the standard is just beginning to be introduced into the world. It will help to accelerate the transition to digital meters, sensors and devices, which will make life easier for people and increase the efficiency of Belarusian enterprises. We expect that the emergence of infrastructure will be the basis for the implementation of a number of high-tech projects ", - said Mikhail Timonin, head of the department of industry IT solutions and the Internet of things.

In velcom they plan to develop NB-IoT as an integral ecosystem. For this purpose, it is planned to create a single platform, which will receive data from each smart device. Through a special application it will be possible to monitor the processes and remotely control sensors, counters and other devices. In particular, it is about getting information about the current consumption of water or electricity from a distance, finding out the availability of parking spaces or turning on lights.

The new NB-IoT network is open to developers creating applications for businesses or end-users. In velcom count on cooperation with innovative companies that are interested in the introduction and development of future technologies.

NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) is a mobile communication standard developed in 2016 for the exchange of data between digital devices. To deploy the network, a narrow band of frequencies and a small update of the base stations is enough. Among the advantages - a large network capacity, high signal penetration, low power consumption and low cost of sensors and meters.

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