Pilot project on trash can fullness sensors

LLC NEWLAND technology / 28.09.2021

Pilot project on trash can fullness sensors

We, together with one of the leading mobile operators of the Republic of Belarus, completed pilot testing of trash can fullness sensors and IoT-platform "Absolute: SmartCloud". The tests took place on the basis of Grodno municipal enterprise

The "Absolute: SmartBIN" solution, consisting of sensors and a digital platform, is designed to determine the level of fullness of MSW bins, as well as construction containers and other bins.

What the sensor does:
  • Transmits data about the fullness level of the trash can, including analyzing the distance from itself to the trash to accurately measure the tank's fullness level.
  • Alerts the operator if the trash can is overturned, stolen (moved) or if the trash can catches fire.
What the platform can do:
  • Configures alerts in the event of abnormal situations (a tank fire, for example), and controls the frequency of tank status alerts.
  • Аnalyzes data: filling rate (including slices by days of the week), frequency of garbage collection and provides information in the form of graphs.
  • Shows on the map where the tanks are, in what state they are (full, out of condition).
Solution options Statistics
  • Analysis of waste accumulation with georeferencing (trends, seasonality, etc.)
  • Analysis of the quality of cleaning
  • Comparative analysis of the volume and weight of the removed waste Analysis of the quality of cleaning
  • Accounting for the mileage of special equipment by carrier / vehicle / driver Analysis of the quality of cleaning
  • Data on waste accumulation by city / district / site / site owner
  • Operational access to actual data on of the carriers' work (arrival, container turnover, confirmation of turnover, volume of waste removed, etc.)
  • Optimal route and control of deviations in the movement of the garbage truck
Cost optimization
  • On container stock and special equipment
  • On fuel consumption
  • On optimizing employee performance
  • Waste accumulation by city / district / homes Forecast of events
  • Capacity of waste sorting complexes and waste processing plants Forecast of events
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According to test results, solution "Absolute: SmartBIN" proved its effectiveness and readiness for commercial operation.

If you are interested in our solution - we are ready to demonstrate "Absolute: SmartBIN" and answer your questions!