We won the tender - we are implementing a chat-bot.

LLC NEWLAND technology / 25.09.2020

We won the tender - we are implementing a chat-bot.

Our company won the tender of OJSC «Belagroprombank» for the purchase, use, design and implementation of a chat bot. Thus, in the near future, one of the leading banks of the Republic of Belarus will receive a modern tool for optimizing business processes and improving interaction with bank customers..

What is a chatbot and how can it help the bank and bank customers?

The main task of implementing a chat bot is to reduce the load on the online consulting service by answering common and frequently repeated questions about the bank's services, which will optimize the number of call center employees and improve the quality of their work. However, this service also provides out-of-office customer service when full-time support staff are not available.

But what is most important and interesting in our chatbot is its AI (Artificial intelligence) - AI that allows it to self-learn, perform routine tasks of a support specialist (respond to standard consumer requests), work with more complex scenarios of customer interaction and etc.

However, along with the introduction of a chat bot into business processes, the customer receives a full-fledged omnichannel platform. It allows you to bring together various communication channels in one place, form a knowledge base, create a "smart" workplace for a specialist (call center operator), as well as receive analytical information to further improve the quality of service with the formation of more relevant services to bank customers.

What will the bank's clients get?

  • The ability to quickly receive the necessary information at any time and in a convenient messenger.
  • High service standards.
  • How to help the contact center:
    • The ability to work effectively with text messages from clients (messages from e-mail, website, messengers, social networks come in one channel).
    • Possibility of using the "intelligent assistant" tips in dealing with the client.
    • Reduce the burden on employees and allocate the released resources, for example, to improve the quality of work of Key customers.
    • Operator load analytics, customer service quality.
    What will it give the bank as a whole:
    • Formation of a single Knowledge Base without involving programmers
    • Reducing the cost of training new employees
    • Improving the quality of work of employees, introducing and tracking high standards of quality of customer service.
    • Reducing the burden on contact center agents
    • A trainable chatbot that helps you handle the majority of customer calls at any time.

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