We took part in the Forum Smart Sustainable Cities

LLC NEWLAND technology / 22.03.2021

We took part in the Forum Smart Sustainable Cities

We took part in the Forum Smart Sustainable Cities: Organizational and Technical Aspects of Development.

The Forum was dedicated to the development of the Smart City concept, the introduction of IoT technologies (Internet of Things), issues of interaction between the state and the business community, citizens and municipal authorities, interstate interaction at all levels.

We made a presentation on the topic "Smart cities: from words to deeds", talked about real cases of IoT technologies implementation.

NEWLAND technology today, using IoT technologies, implements projects for the digital transformation of business processes.

Presentation of the Absolute: SmartCloud IoT Platform.

Today we are implementing several projects together with state enterprises, municipal organizations, business partners in the implementation of IoT products.

For example, automation, monitoring and analysis of the removal of solid waste. This project will help reduce costs on the garbage truck fleet, optimize traffic routes, and improve the quality of garbage collection services.