Network quality check for velcom

LLC NEWLAND technology / 09.01.2018

Network quality check for velcom

The customer

velcom provides mobile communication services and a range of various telecommunication services to several million private subscribers, as well as to large corporate customers. Among other things, the company provides cable and digital television (IPTV) services, as well as access to Wi-Fi networks. In addition, velcom has its own fiber-optic network covering Minsk and large cities of Belarus, on the basis of which it provides fixed high-speed Internet access services. 

Prerequisites for the implementation of a fixed network quality monitoring system

velcom pays great attention to the quality of its services - the company's specialists carry out constant monitoring of the quality parameters of the network and carry out its timely modernization. 

The Company was the first among Belarusian providers to introduce the practice of concluding SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with fixed Internet subscribers. Thus, the provider guarantees the quality of the broadband Internet and related services at a high level.

In addition, the legislation provides that the quality of services provided by the telecom operator must meet all the necessary requirements provided for by the relevant legal acts. At the same time, in order to obtain reasonable results confirming the quality of services provided, it is necessary to use a certified measuring instrument - a specialized hardware and software complex.

In view of these circumstances, a tender was issued by the customer for the supply of a system to monitor the quality parameters of the fixed network and control the quality of Internet access services. An important requirement was to comply with the condition that the supplied system must be certified in the Republic of Belarus. 

Solution for the customer

Within the framework of the contest Newland Company has developed for velcom a complex solution based on the system of monitoring the quality parameters of the IQMA network. As a result of consideration of the proposed solution by the customer's specialists, it was recognized as the most appropriate solution in technical, service, organizational and financial terms, and Newland was declared the winner of the competition.

The system offered by velcom allows the company to measure, collect and control the values of quality parameters of its network by means of automated monitoring in near real-time mode. In addition to monitoring the quality of the customer's fixed network, the system also has the technical ability to control the quality parameters of digital television (IPTV).

Hardware-software complex of the system consists of high-performance agents placed on the key nodes of the customer's network, as well as the core of the system, performing the tasks of agent management, collection, analysis and display of measurement statistics, signaling of events on the network, management of access to the received data. 

Thus, the Newland solution is able to provide comprehensive monitoring of the customer's network, as well as control compliance with legal requirements.