Development of NEWLAND technology - freecooling system Absolute: Freecooling

LLC NEWLAND technology / 07.07.2023

Development of NEWLAND technology - freecooling system Absolute: Freecooling

We would like to present to you the development of our company – the freecooling system Absolute: FreeCooling system. It is an energy-efficient indoor climate control system without the use of energy-intensive compressors, with the possibility to organize remote monitoring and control. Our solution is very actual for base stations of mobile operators, data centers and server rooms, production facilities with a high level of excess heat.

Appearance of the installed system Absolute: FreeCooling

Appearance of the installed system Absolut: FreeCooling

The system we offer consists of a freecooling installation with a control module based on the FreeCooling controller. The installation includes of connecting air conditioners and heaters, and also provides for automation the processes of interaction of climate control equipment according to specified scenarios. The status of parameters of controlled premises and remote control of equipment operation is carried out through the Monitoring Center of the IoT platform Absolut: SmartCloud.

The freecooling system Absolute: FreeCooling is scalable and allows to remotely monitor any number of geographically distributed objects. The functionality of the system can be expanded by connecting new sensors and devices.

The result of the introduction of Absolute: FreeCooling:

  • Continuous monitoring of the status of remote objects from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduction of energy costs through the use of natural heat exchange and rational operation of air conditioners.
  • Increasing the lifespan of climate control equipment.
  • Reduction the risk of technical failures of equipment sensitive to microclimate parameters.
  • Reduced the cost of monitoring and infrastructure maintaining of remote objects.
  • Compliance with technological standards of production processes and microclimate parameters in controlled premises.
  • Prompt notification of critical events and emergency situations.

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