TIBO-2022 - our impressions!

LLC NEWLAND technology / 29.06.2022

TIBO-2022 - our impressions!

Last week, the International ICT Forum TIBO-2022 was held in Minsk. It is not the first year that NEWLAND Technology LLC has been participating in this business event. We want to share how our company spent 5 forum days at the Minsk Arena.

Minister of Information of the Republic of Belarus at the stand of NEWLAND technology

What we presented at the exhibition

The NEWLAND Technology stand became the central place of meetings and communication with our partners and customers. We presented:

  • the universal platform of the Internet of Things Absolute: SmartCloud;
  • integrated solutions for monitoring and management of engineering systems of remote facilities;
  • elements of Smart cities, industries, institutions that solve the problems of optimizing the removal of solid waste, monitoring the position of the manhole cover, collecting data from metering devices, video analytics, smart parking;
  • billing systems for telecom operators, a single personal account of the user;
  • telecommunication equipment for building 4G/5G, V-LTE, P-LTE, DMR networks;
  • solutions for improving business efficiency.

Visitors of TIBO-2022 at the NEWLAND Technology stand

For the first time we presented the video analytics system Absolute Zrok. Its joint use with the IoT platform Absolute: SmartCloud increases the efficiency of managing remote objects and allows you to reach a new level of building a comfortable urban environment.

A hybrid integration platform (HIP) has become a new offer for business. The solution is an ecosystem of software products for No-code, Low-code and Pro-code integrations, creation and rapid launch of IT products, automation of business processes and standardization of the IT landscape by employees with different levels of information technology proficiency - from marketers to software engineers.

An intelligent solution for automating the processing of text messages from customers – a chatbot and an omnichannel communication platform CraftTalk – attracted the special attention of visitors to TIBO. This tool combines client requests from various messengers, social networks, emails and a website in a single chat center. The use of artificial intelligence and information from the built-in knowledge base allows you to remove some load from contact center operators and optimize the staff.

Participation in the business program

Own developments of new products, interesting partner solutions – we have something to share with broad business circles.

Nechaev S.E. at the meeting

At the V Belarusian ICT Summit on June 8, 2022, representatives of NEWLAND Technology LLC made presentations on the following topics:

  • "From sensors and meters to video analytics and a single management platform. Practical experience of building elements of a Smart City". The speaker is Semyon Nechaev, Director.
  • "Digital professional communication solutions for the transport industry and telecom". The speaker is Ivan Terekh, Head of the Technical Department.
  • "Intelligent chatbot and unified chat center: how to serve 4 times more customer requests". The speaker is Yulia Doruzhinskaya, a software engineer.
  • Terekh I. makes a report at the V Belarusian ICT Summit

    On June 9, the company's director, Semyon Nechaev, took part in the thematic meeting "Import-independence of IT infrastructure in the digital economy".

    Our impressions

    During the forum there were many meetings and negotiations, discussions of current and future projects. We hope that our communication at TIBO-2022 will allow us to establish strong business ties and mutually beneficial cooperation!

    We also thank our partners! Your presence at the stand, support and professional advice are invaluable!

    Director of NEWLAND technology gives an interview at TIBO-2022

    TIBO exhibition is over, but we continue to work. Write to us by, we will send you additional materials and discuss the implementation of joint projects.