Smart Cities. Technologies. Connectivity. Future - 2

LLC NEWLAND technology / 26.09.2019

Smart Cities. Technologies. Connectivity. Future - 2

We continue with the series about “Smart City” perspectives, digital data development and its applying.

In the previous article we reviewed urbanization as a driven force of developing cities.

Unstable climate

The tendency of global warming is accelerating day by day and both nature and humans will not endure it. The deal is not only about the fields emitting greenhouse gases. 39% of emitted carbon account for accommodations and commercial premises and 33% emissions account for transport. And now information and telecom technologies are able to reduce global greenhouse emissions for 15% by 2030.

For instance, in Mexico City which is considered to be the most polluted on the planet CO2 emissions were greatly reduced thanks to ProAire program and Chinese Sponge City initiative is connected with 70% reuse of rainwater.


Though urban traffic is important and it determines living standards of the citizens, many cities are under pressure connected with increasing the amount of sites for infrastructure. Now the majority of cities face the problems with traffic jams, lack of parking slots, environment pollution. They may be resolved by intellectual transport solutions.

For instance:

- Intellectual parking. Most common problem is the lack of free parking slots. For instance, several mobile applications were created to search for the nearest free parking slots. Even now Teslas are capable to find an available space and park independently.

- Traffic management. Traffic jams are a big deal concerning not only car owners, but also the users of public transport. Traffic management is becoming more and more intelligent and effective thanks to big data integration and IoT concept. For instance, in Pittsburgh, USA traffic jams are reduced for 40% by radar sensors and cameras to detect the movements which allows to manage and distribute traffic streams.

Intelligent analytics

Cities need reliable data to manage water resources, transport and environmental protection. Built-in sensors create new data resources which may be used as a method of big data analysis to monitor and anticipate the events with a new approach.

For instance: in Nankin (China) the sensors are installed in more than 10 000 taxis, 7 000 buses and 1 million of private automobiles. These data are transferred in an info center where experts analyze traffic data and redirect an updated version to the citizens commuting from home to work.

Citizens are new “service providers”: data generated by smartphone users may be applied to manage traffic in a “smart” way.

“Smart city” citizens are supposed to get an extended range of rights and opportunities being service providers on a global level. Besides citizens will lead a “smarter” lifestyle. For instance, using solar batteries makes it possible to generate a proper energy source and to reduce urban power consumption.

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