Smart chatbot helps with repairing appliances

LLC NEWLAND technology / 29.01.2021

Smart chatbot helps with repairing appliances

We have successfully installed and launched an intelligent chatbot and an omnichannel CraftTalk platform for a network of authorized service centers in the Republic of Belarus of MastrerPIN repair shops. Now the solution will help not only those who seek help in the repair of equipment, but also the company's call center.

The chat bot takes care of routine requests, responds to site visitors, in Viber, Telegram, Messenger (Facebook), the Vkontakte social network.

Omnichannel platform unites different communication channels in a single analysis and management office. According to the results of work in the first months of the call center operation in conjunction with the chat bot, the bot independently processed 30% of requests, the call center operator together with the bot processed 60% of the requests. The rest of the requests were processed only by the operator without involving a bot.

Thus, in the first months of the chatbot operation, the load on the call center decreased by at least 30%, and according to the latest data, the percentage of requests processing only by the chatbot is growing. At the same time, the quality of service remains at a high level. In the platform's office (operator's workstation), you can view online data on customer ratings.