Elements of effective IoT-platform

LLC NEWLAND technology / 09.06.2020

Elements of effective IoT-platform

Platform for the IoT (Internet of Things) is not only a range of sensors unified in one. This means a set of interaction rules including hard, soft, a person (a system user) and another external systems (for instance, ERP).

Thing-platform synergy must show high-effectivity rates for the most benefit to companies. To underline a strong connection, the definition “IoT ecosystem” is used which means interaction of all utility parts, such as platform, connected devices, concerned parties.

The platform must unite eight integrated elements (layers). See the picture below:

Layers are described from the nearest to devices of a layer (from bottom to top):

  • Connection and normalization. The first layer stands for providing a physical link to devices, safe data receipt, support of standard data exchange protocols, data cleansing and device identification. The more advanced software, the easier, safer and more effective is data connection.
  • Device management. The following layer stands for availability to manage connected devices and its control actions, update device programs, etc.
  • Processing and reaction. Regarding this layer the platform consists of tools necessary for a user (without programming) allowing to set up diverse interaction scenarios with external environment based on received data. For instance, it is possible to send notifications by e-mail in case of exceeding threshold temperature meters, give commands on vent switch on/off, etc. The layer allows us to set up behavior logic of IoT ecosystem.
  • Visualization. This layer refers to tools for setting data display from devices in a user-friendly form (for instance, diverse charts, active graphic elements, etc.).
  • Analytics. The set of tools is designed to create advanced analytical algorithms including machine learning. Due to this modern changes it is possible to realize predictive equipment diagnostics.
  • Additional tools. These are specialized applications and its tools for development and administration.
  • External interface. This means the mechanism with external systems, for instance, to integrate with industrial enterprise systems (ERP, MES) or the systems of service-providers providing their services based on the data received from the platform.

The last but not least layer is out of the general vertical and not the same from the seven components left covered. Usually none of the users and devices are not integrated directly. This means data storage where the info is aggregated from all sites unified with the solution. Storage capacity has a great impact on the whole ecosystem capacity.

NEWLAND technology offers IoT-platform realizing all the above mentioned requirements.

Absolute: SmartCloud is a universal IoT-platform for monitoring and management of connected devices.

Absolute: SmartСloud provides fast and reliable data receipt, storage, processing, analytics and visualization, in addition it allows to set up and manage connected devices. The platform is easily integrated with another applications.

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