LLC NEWLAND technology / 05.04.2018


Over 30 years international exhibition Mobile World Congress is a remarkable event for IT-industry and mobile network world. Such companies as Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle, HP take part at the exhibition. This year Newland company took its first try as an exhibitor at MWC-2018. Everything has its beginning, and the exhibition always starts from registration, applying and choosing the right space for your stand.

Today we will tell about the organization process of one of the biggest exhibition and the matters which could possible facilitate the experience of all the exhibitors even on the preparatory stage.

IT-technologies, leading high-tech products and a long story of exhibition improvements from just a regional event to a key event for not only telecom industry, but the whole economy, which became an example to be followed. It seems convenient and well-organized from first glance. The organizers have introduced three accounts on the website to fill in the forms (for instance, possible risks onsite, the operations of assembly and dismantling, etc.), to register the participants and guests, to order additional furniture or any necessary equipment. Three different accounts with different log-addresses and passwords…

The game which we completed successfully confirmed that the idea of Single Unified Account developed by our company is actually relevant even in such a high level of international exhibition such as Mobile World Congress. It is necessary to mention less developed areas of Housing and Public Utilities or education?

Convenience comprises a set of values significant by quality. Its becomes more and more relevant as people need to get new information much faster and easier to understand. Convenience is loyalty paid by client, which additional services a client is more eager to get apart from those already obtained. Business is likely to cooperate with client in the most transparent manner.

Is it possible to unite these three accounts to take part in MWC? I think so. All of these belong to GSMA Association. Single place both for exhibitors and service providers of designing spaces. It would be convenient for everyone.

By the feedbacks from colleagues and partners taking part with us at the exhibition, registration of company and its representatives, equipment purchase and communication with contractors through three accounts seems inconvenient to participate.

United Payment and Information Space is an example of creating the most convenient and logic system. Soon single account will appear in the system which will allow to manage all the payment services and see the history for Housing and Public Utilities.

-“Personal account means a possibility that once you’re registered through bank-to-bank verification system, get payment history, see detailed info by the payments for Housing and Public Utilities and, in addition, insert the data from meters, set up notifications about completed payments and set bills. System is capable to share with authorized parties the data about completed payments for Housing and Public Utilities.” – commented Elena Antony, Chief executive of management board of United Payment and Information Space to Users will be able to see all the payments in the United Payment and Information Space, detailed info by the payments for Housing and Public Utilities and set bills for payment and manage their own payment services. In the future United Payment and Information Space is going to extend current capabilities of the account. “We will be driven by client’s needs and desires.” – adds Elena Antony.

United Payment and Information Space is a parastatal institution and monopolist. Full leadership does not mean stagnation, but constant improvement of quality and cooperation with the users.

Another example is implementation of Single Unified Account in the system of RUE “Beltelecom” with the purpose to unite in one space all the services.

What did we see before? Internet, telephony, television, smart home – different entry points to manage the services, different info spaces to connect them.

What now? Recently Beltelecom launched its single platform “My Beltelecom”, which represents single personal account allowing the user to activate and deactivate the services and perform various actions.

Accounts unified with a wide range of provided services is one the main tendencies to cooperate with bank clients, mobile operators and state services. Besides its convenience the idea of Single personal account means strong informative and marketing base.

What does it mean? If you know which services our client uses provided our awareness of personal data (for instance, marital status) and of basic behavioral patterns we could implement the tool of native ads to offer additional services, which would not trigger negative reaction.

What it might look like?

Mikhail, 30 years, customer of mobile operator. Married with a three-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter. Mikhail registers a SIM-card in his name. We may suppose that Mikhail and his wife taught its older sister to use a phone as she is going to school. They are concerned that a child would always be in touch. Mobile operator in user’s personal account offers additional service “Coordinate” allowing to get real-time data of person’s location, so that the parents see that a child is in school. The parents are calm.


Single Unified account is logical improvement of the relationships between a client and service provider which mutually profitable.

1. Convenient for customer. Single space to manage the services.

• manage all the services independently from single entry point;
• see statistics by specified services;
• refill the balance of any account;
• control the expenditures on the accounts.

2. Convenient for service provider. Loyal client, possibility of additional marketing activities not triggering negative reaction.

• Workload reduction on reference information service and sales and maintenance centers by increasing self-service;
• channel for reference information service (company-subscriber) and a part of omnichannel communication (subscriber-company);
• increasing the level the service quality and its loyalty, boosting user satisfaction level, User Churn decrease;
• the extension of company capabilities to attract new subscribers;
• targeting ads for subscribers (Cross-sell, Up-sell);
• increase of ARPU and LTV;
• decrease of Time-to-Market, basics are already applied;
• detailed statistics both for the individual and a group of clients.

NEWLAND technology is experienced and competent in optimization systems. In 2017 the company introduced “Absolute: Single Unified Subscriber Account” which is designed to organize mutual profits between a client and service provider. We strive not only to provide services but to bring up benefit and satisfaction to it.