The exhibition Bakutel-2018 has started!

LLC NEWLAND technology / 04.12.2018

The exhibition Bakutel-2018 has started!

Today 24th International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference Bakutel-2018 has opened in Baku, Azerbaijan.

There many innovations are demonstrated at the exhibition, such as solutions for digitalizing, Big Data, M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), banking, mobile 4-5G technologies, services in the field of fibre-optic and cloud technologies, newest solutions for cyber-crimes’ prevention, government services, electronic healthcare services, artificial intelligence, mobile devices and accessories, systems of Smart city, of unmanned control vehicles and drones and much more.

Right at the first day Konstantin Shulgan, Minister of Telecommunications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, and Bayramgeldi Ovezov, Minister of Telecommunications of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

министр связи и информатизации республики беларусь

As a part of the Belarussian team our company will be representing following IT-products:

«Absolute: Interconnect»

Interconnect billing is a solution designed to automate business processes for operators, who are engaged in transferring different types of traffic and providing other interconnect telecom services.

«Absolute: Single Unified Subscriber’s Account»

A single entry point for any type of subscribers that enables management of every telecom operator’s available service.

«Absolute: MEND»

An integrated solution for mobile device registration: a solution based on single EIR – designed to carry out identification, validation and authorization of mobile devices within telecom networks.

«Absolute: SmartSite»

Base station parameters monitoring and management solution: integrated software and hardware management and monitoring solution designed to control telecom network operator’s engineering systems; collect and store system status data; notify on any changes in system’s status, including alarms and breakdowns; plan and carry out scheduled maintenance of engineering systems.

«Absolute: SUPPORT»

A universal product used to manage tasks and projects, designed to organize interaction and cooperation with both external and internal users within the framework of business processes, including project management of any level of complexity.