Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Huawei is one of the largest Chinese telecommunication companies. Huawei solutions and products include: wireless network equipment, backbone network equipment, network devices, software and firmware, terminals.



ZTE is one is the leading Chinese multinational companies that manufactures telecommunication equipment and related systems. The company comprises of three major business units. Among company’s major products are: wireless and optical equipment, telecommunication equipment, mobile phones and telecommunication software and firmware. Moreover, ZTE offers related services.

Lenovo Group Limited

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational corporation producing personal computers, smartphones, data center infrastructures, server and network equipment and other electronic products.


R.I.D. GmbH

R.I.D. GmbH was founded in 2008. The scope of the company's activities includes development, design, manufacture, supply of electric generator sets (EGU) with internal combustion engines (diesel, gasoline, gas, combined) and alternative energy sources (solar panels, wind generators, chemical current sources).



CraftTalk is an omnichannel contact center that uses the teamwork of operators and artificial intelligence to organize a convenient and fast service for users through a single window - chat.The artificial intelligence in CraftTalk is automatically trained by the operators during their normal work on real calls. It provides automation of up to 70% of calls without involving machine learning specialists. AI also assists operators in their work and allows external integrations to be plugged in for an even greater level of automation.

Oracle Corporation

Oracle is an American transnational corporation, second largest software developer by revenue (after Microsoft), largest corporate software developer, large supplier of server hardware.

We are Oracle’s business partner, having obtained all the relevant certificates and GOLD partner status. Our partnership entitles us to work with Oracle’s products, prepare type certifications, install software, provide technical advises and consultations, as well as carry out other activities, related to Oracle products.

Dell Technologies

The company develops, manufactures, markets and services a wide range of models and solutions based on personal computers, tablet computers, networking equipment, computer peripherals, as well as servers and data storage systems. NEWLAND Technology is an authorized partner of the company (Dell Solution Provider program) in the Republic of Belarus with the right to sell Dell Technologies products.


Nexign — российская компания-разработчик OSS/BSS-систем, первый в России разработчик биллинга для телекоммуникационных компаний.


Bercut (ООО «НПФ «Беркут») — один из ведущих поставщиков IT-решений и бизнес-продуктов для операторов связи и провайдеров услуг.

Научно-Технический Центр ПРОТЕЙ

НТЦ ПРОТЕЙ занимается разработкой и производством целого спектра программно-аппаратных продуктов для сферы телекоммуникаций и комплексной безопасности. Три основных направления разработок включают в себя решения для сетей мобильной связи 3G/4G/LTE, оборудование фиксированной связи NGN/IMS и комплексные системы безопасности (система-112, АПК «Безопасный город» и другие).

НТЦ Аргус

НТЦ Аргус — российский разработчик OSS/BSS/DSS-решений для операторов связи различного масштаба.

ООО «Базис»

Один из ведущих российских разработчиков программных продуктов для оказания облачных услуг и платформы динамической инфраструктуры.

JSC Vityaz

Industrial multi-profile enterprise of the Republic of Belarus - produces television, household and medical equipment.



The company is one of the leaders in IT-development of specialized communication and data transmission facilities, including R&D competences. The company supplies the market with subscriber equipment and integrated solutions designed to provide modern communication services to various groups of subscribers.

LLC Light Technology

System integrator with experience in implementing projects to automate technological and business processes for government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, telecom operators and Internet providers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Including a distributor of telecommunications equipment, instrumentation, air conditioning systems and uninterruptible power supplies.


LLP Radix Solution

Radix Solution delivers, implements and maintains telecommunications services and solutions. It specializes in organizing and performing complex works on the construction, installation and installation of cellular communication equipment, radio relay equipment, satellite communication equipment, technical supervision, laying and operation of fiber-optic communication lines in Kazakhstan.

Eastwind CJSC

Eastwind is one of the largest Russian developers and software suppliers for mobile service providers. The company operates in the field of OSS/BSS, Messaging and VAS development, data collection and analysis.

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NetProbe LLC

The major services and business domain of NetProbe LLC is the development and implementation of traffic analyses systems, multiservice network management and monitoring systems, design, IP/MPLS network building, network operation outsourcing, system integration.

Company’s major product is IP Quality Monitor (IQM) –software and hardware solution intended for measurement, monitoring and management of the end-to-end IP quality parameters.