Bercut: Interconnect. Solution for billing

Bercut: Interconnect is hardware-software complex which is designed to collect and process interconnect traffic. CDR (Call Detail Record) is carried out through switching equipment to carriers, then CDR is transferred to general storage. After that primary processing, join and adjust to a single form are held at mediation server. The data is transferred to the main database where tariffication is maintained. The charges are formed, which are united with the accounts. Already formed accounts for payment are correlated with filled in the system payments.

Problems to solve with Bercut: Interconnect
Traffic sales service
  • Convenient tools to import tariff plans
  • Illustrative analysis of current traffic
  • Easy traffic assessment and profit anticipation from potential vendors
  • Fast and flexible offers for profitable tariffs
Financial services:
  • Simple prepare and sending out the bills, control of receiving the payments
  • Built-in tools of checking the calculations upon any discrepancies with partners
  • Summary data about profits of business, financial statements
Services to process traffic:
  • Convenient tools for checking
  • Different types of analytical data
  • Numerous mechanisms to control traffic
  • Flexible functionality of re-tariffication

Bercut: Interconnect is a combination of full-functionality billing, flexible routing and convenient tools to automate business-processes for operators, which deal with transferring of different types of traffic and providing other interconnect telecom services.

Benefits of the solution:
  • Collects, modernizes and bills CDR and various VoIP and TDM routers;
  • Flexible set-ups of tariff policies of interconnect cooperation;
  • Use various parameters for deep analytics of processing traffic (including marginality);
  • Automates billing to partners and controls its successful payments;
  • Receives reports on certain requests;
  • Controls data verification at each processing stages;
  • Exports and imports data in internal and external Systems.

Goals of implementation:

  • Collects records from switching equipment
  • Keeping records of tariff data
  • Billing and sending out the accounts on every service received from partners-operators. Monitoring of incoming and outgoing partner payments is possible and its correlations with billed account
  • Keeping records
  • Analysis of statistical parameters of voice traffic
  • Collecting CDR with various switching equipment in single storage
  • Pre-processing CDR. Join and adjust to single format
  • Tariffication CDR
  • Forming charges and bills for payment in various currencies and services. Payment correlations with bills
  • Loading files in the system with price-lists of partners in any formats
  • Loading files in the system with payments
  • Generation of own price-lists according to tariffs of partner operators
  • Forming accountancy on demand/often with opportunity of sending out the result by e-mail
  • Data aggregation upon traffic in minute/hour/day/week/month cubes
  • Monitoring of software in Zabbix system
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