Absolute: Single Unified User’s Account

Single Unified User’s Account is a single access point for all types of subscribers that provides a possibility to manage all and any available telecom network provider’s services. This service will let you get up to date and relevant status and statistical information, related to every customer account.


As a matter of rule, the Operator has several member areas for subscribers that purchased and use several different Operator’s services (including mobile communication, fixed internet, IPTV and other services).


  • one subscriber may have several subscriber’s accounts for different services; 
  • the customer is unable to manage all of his/her agreements from one place;
  • insufficient functionality to help corporate customers manage their services (for instance, blocking a list of services for a group of subscribers);
  • absent functionality for operator’s business-users (such as, surveying or polling);
  • inability to carry out targeted marketing activities using a single communication channel with the subscribers.

Absolute: Single Personal Account allows you to solve not only these problems, but also provide more opportunities!

Marketing capabilities include:
  • targeted news feed, promotions, offers; 
  • targeted banners;
  • integration with reward and bonus platforms;
  • statistics and analytics.
Single Unified Subscriber's Account lets you:
  • maximize outreach without the need to increase your advertising budget;
  • improve customer conversion rate from single-service customers to multiple-service customers;
  • decrease the cost of attracting new customers.

Advantages of the solution for network operator:

  • decrease the workload of reference and information services, sales and services centers due to an increased amount of self-service subscribers;
  • subscriber information and reference service channel (subscriber-company) and partial subscriber-company omni-channel switching; 
  • promote subscriber’s service quality and customer loyalty, promote customer satisfaction, decrease user churn;
  • expand company’s possibilities in attracting new subscribers;
  • provide targeted advertisements to your customers (Cross-sell, Up-Sell);
  • increase ARPU and LTV;
  • reduce Time-to-Market, basic functionality is included;
  • detailed statistics.

Implementation of Single Unified Subscriber’s Account achieved the following goals:

  • creation of a single access point to manage all subscriber’s agreements;
  • integration with CRM;
  • integration with billing system;
  • managing services within service platforms and without the billing system;
  • furnishing reports to business users;
  • furnishing single unified subscriber’s account access to corporate customers;
  • asynchronous operation with CRM in relation to services that require postponed decision.

Authorization module:

  • user authorization;
  • access level (role) determination: administrator, content manager, user.

Integration module:

  • two-way exchange with proprietary systems (billing, CRM);
  • two-way exchange with various service platforms;
  • granting access to various external systems(for content providers).

Subscriber’s content module:

  • granting access to content depending on the user access rights (content administration, service management, previewing subscriber’s information, feedback service, etc.).

Feedback module:

  • enables subscribers to leave feedback: text messages, contact call center;
  • provides information on discount, services and other target information from the telecom network provider to the subscriber.

Statistics and logging module:

  • activity logging;
  • collects statistics on the geographical location, connected devices and used or viewed tools and items;
  • provides reports for various types of user activity.

Single Unified Subscriber’s Account is a web application that allows your subscribers to perform standard operations with the billing system and other provider’s services (view service usage and purchase statistics, add/remove additional services, change tariff plans, register payments, etc.). Application’s server is based on LAMP platform OS Linux, Apache web server, PHP, MySQL database).

The standard functions of the subscriber’s account are based on specially developed billing system’s API methods, while the subscriber’s account can still be integrated with any billing system using basic APIs that work with the billing system and other provider’s services.

Moreover, we have developed an integration bus based on the subscriber’s account that provides the functionality of customer support system that can be integrated into other applications and systems.

The application is able to sustain high loads. Subscriber’s account server part features time-proved solutions for high load systems, such as Gearman queue system and Memcashed caching system. Many years of testing under severe load conditions (approximately 1.5 mln. requests per day on average and up to 0.5 mln. requests per hour) demonstrated outstanding reliable performance of the selected configuration. Template generation module serves as additional means to increase performance and is connected as a compiled PHP module.

Subscriber’s account possesses powerful capabilities in terms of personalization based on various parameters that are taken from the billing system (subscriber type, payment method, billing group, service type, financial region, current tariff, etc.). The built-in access management system allows you to provide your subscribers selected functionality of the subscriber’s account that is relevant for the specified user. Personalization mechanism is also suitable for subscriber notifications related to relevant discounts, special offers, tariff change notifications, etc., as well as for display targeted banners.

The basic version includes a set of modules that simplify system usage.


  • boost the quality and effectivity of subscriber’s financial, reference and information services, company’s marketing department;
  • protect data exchange between users and corporate database (HTTP+SSL);
  • provide service to practically any amount of customers at the same time;
  • access and use targeted advertisement capabilities on your subscriber account users;
  • provide your customers a remote self-service desk, allowing them to manage and block their accounts;
  • provide a possibility to manage reports and monitor expenses;
  • provide your customers with a tool to quickly choose and add necessary functions, tariffs and services;
  • 24/7 system availability;
  • single unified interface.

RUE Beltelecom is an active user of Single Unified User’s Account platform developed by NEWLAND technology LLC. RUE Beltelecom is the national telecom service provider that offers its customers a possibility to stay in touch and be aware of purchased and new tariffs and services, due payments, promotions and new offers.

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