Hybrid Integration Platform

Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is an IT solution for integrations, self-creation of products and automation of business processes of the organization.

What to use?

HIP is intended for automation of business processes and creation of products for the banking sector, telecom operators, retail, IT companies, healthcare institutions.

The solution is useful for employees responsible for automating business processes, developing and implementing new products, creating MVPs, working with credit products, conducting integrations and standardizing the IT landscape.

Platform capabilities

  • creating products consisting of business rules using ready-made connectors and micro-services;
  • process modeling, automation, creation of products from ready-made APIs;
  • creation of complex applications, connectors, subsystems.


  • convenient user interface with Drag-and-Drop support;
  • ready-made sets of microservices and subsystems for scripting;
  • ready-made sets of connectors for integration with other systems and technologies (CRM, billing, partner products, etc.);
  • code generators for advanced scripting;
  • refinement of the solution for themselves in Java, JavaScript in common development environments;
  • support for No Code, Low Code and Pro Code operating modes.

Hybrid development approach

HIP can be used as no-сode, low-code or pro-сode development platform depending on specific tasks, user skills and competencies.

No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code development levels

Business Value

Reduce costs and reduce development time by up to 30%.

Creating products with HIP

Product examples:

  • scoring systems for banks;
  • calculation of remuneration commission for agents;
  • calculation of discounts when combining users into groups;
  • MNP and other products.

We are ready to provide informational materials, conduct an online or offline presentation on the hybrid integration platform (HIP) and products based on it.

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