Convergent Billing System


Convergent billing system is a universal billing system that provides integrated management of all users and services regardless of service types, service provision mechanisms, subscriber categories and payment methods.
Billing system is designed to automate fundamental business processes of companies that render periodic and one time services for a fee.
Universal billing system is able to solve relevant tasks ranging from application of tariffs and data management to profitability control and hardware health monitoring for both telecom companies and any other type of businesses.


How It Works

The system collects service receiver and supplier interaction information based on preset parameters, which is further used to bill customers for rendered services.

схема работы конвергентной системы

Billing System Features

Billing system is able to combine all services that have been rendered to the customer into a single bill.
Billing system supports application of tariffs for any types of services.
Billing system is able to provide a high-level audit and grants flexibility in assigning access rights and permissions.
Scalable multi-level modular architecture provides a possibility to expand functionality and performance as and when required without service suspension.
Open Access
Thanks to the solution’s multi-level architecture, the billing system is able to provide open access to its application procedural interfaces (API) in order to interact with third-party systems.

Service tariffing capabilities using billing system

Convergent billing system processes and applies tariff rates to voice, data, Internet, Internet-based services and content, as well as many other services, advertisements, housing and public utilities.


  • Traditional fixed line telephony (ATS, PABX)
  • IP-telephony (VoIP)
  • Wireless communication systems
  • MVNO (Mobile virtual network operators)

Data transfer and Internet access

  • Data transfer and Internet access through dedicated wire channel (Ethernet, VPN, xDSL, PPPoE, and other)
  • Data transfer and Internet access through dial-up channels (Dial-Up)
  • Data transfer through broadband wireless channels (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, satellite channels)
  • Value added services (VAS): SMS, MMS, GPRS

Internet Services and Content

  • Internet TV (IPTV)
  • Video on Demand (VoD)
  • Audio and video consultations, conferences, surveillance, webinars

Telematic Services

  • E-mail
  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Hardware and computing power rental (VDS, VPS).
  • Hardware collocation
  • IP address and IP subnetwork rental


  • Dynamic: cost per ad impressions (CPM), cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS)
  • Static: cost per time period

Housing Services and Utilities

  • Electric power supply, power consumption
  • Water supply and consumption
  • Central heating: supply, consumption
  • Cable networks: radio, TV, intercom, video surveillance (CCTV)
  • Utility payments, parking, fees, maintenance services



Telecom operators that provide traditional fixed line communication and voice over IP services.

Internet providers that provide data services and Internet access.

Triple-play operators that provide Internet access, cable TV and telecom services in parallel.

Satellite operators  that provide telecom services and Internet access through satellite communication channels.

Cloud solutionsSaaS, PaaS, DaaS, IaaS cloud solution providers.

Data centers and Data processing centers that provide server and networking hardware allocation services and Internet line connection services.

Content providers that provide content creation services.

Business centers that would like to bill their customers and tenants autonomously.

Governmental organizations:  housing services and utilities, schools, kindergartens, any type of public services.


What are the benefits of using a billing system?

1. Boost your average revenue per customer (ARPU)

Within the framework of billing system we offer tools that will boost your revenue, such as: paid tariff options, Triple Play support, future payment reminders.

2. Increase your customer base

Packaged tariffs, promotions, group and personal discounts will help you make custom and relevant offers to your customers.

3. Offer your customers special and personal conditions

Customer segmentation, subdivision into small groups and development of special tariff offers for each group – get closer to your customers!

4. Retain your customers

Loyalty programs, which can be developed for each customer will certainly retain them and prevent outflow.

5. More additional services!

Member area is an effective tool that will help you engage with your customers and will help you sell more services.

What Do We Offer?

Having acquired vast experience and extensive background in the field of billing system implementation we are able to offer you a variety of solutions from large scale implementation aimed at recording large quantity of parameters up to individual turnkey solutions.

We offer technical support at all stages, including implementation and commercial operation. Moreover, we provide training for customer’s employees. New versions and system updates are free of charge for technical support customers.


We use Oralce databases.
ААА protocols: Diametr and Radius.  
Interfacing protocols: SOAP, XML, JASON, ORACLE API, FTP, TELENET.


Our solution has been successfully implemented in «Beltelecom».

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