Migration of databases

We offer migration of databases from Oracle Database to PostgreSQL

Quick and efficient way to replace expensive database support with a cheaper but no less efficient PostgreSQL!

Database migration is an important and necessary moment in the life of any company aimed at growth and development.
Why PostgreSQL?

High cost of licenses and commercial DBMS support.

Postgres is a free distribution DBMS with advanced options, but costs are much lower than those of paid DBMSs.

The need for an independent DBMS.

PostgreSQL is an open-source project actively developed by enthusiasts as well as technical industry leaders. It doesn't belong to anyone.

Reduce the risks associated with external economic sanctions from the manufacturing country of Oracle Database Proprietary Software (USA). The difficult economic and political situation requires the search for alternative solutions for IT products and solutions.

Many organizations do not have enough competent employees to support the DBMS on their own.

For example, mandatory paid support for Oracle DBMS is a developer's requirement. In addition, a DBMS requires a sufficient number of qualified specialists and is expensive for organizations.

PostgreSQL is as fast and reliable as paid solutions.

According to various reviews and ratings, PostgreSQL is one of the best database management systems in the world. It features reliability, stability, performance, wide scalability, support for many data types, and much more.

Postgres implementation in the Republic of Belarus

Today Postgres DBMS is used in such companies and organizations as: JSC "Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange", JSC "CNIITU", JSC "VEB Technologies", State Institution "National Book Chamber of Belarus". In addition, within the framework of specialized cloud and server digital solutions, Postgres DBMS (variants in the Posrgres PRO product lines) is used in network marketing, shopping malls, and other large companies with a large number of clients.

Our suggestion

Why are we

NEWLAND Technology Company has been on the market of digital solutions and services for more than 25 years. During this time, we have accumulated experience in various areas of IT activity, including working with various DBMS.

We are partners of Postgres PRO (Russian Federation) and have extensive experience in working with DBMS, including database migrations.

We offer migration from Oracle Database, MySQL, SQL Server and other relational databases to PostgreSQL.
    We offer:
  • Oracle database migration services to PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database Migration services to Postgres Pro
  • MySQL Database Migration Services to Postgres Pro
  • MS SQL database migration services to Postgres Pro (for 1C)
  • Database migration services to cloud infrastructure
  • Sale of Postgres Pro licenses
  • PostgreSQL database support and maintenance services/Postgres Pro

Oracle Database Migration Services to PostgreSQL

While maintaining all the capabilities provided by relational databases, you save on DBMS licenses and database support. At the same time, PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database management system and does not carry additional risks associated with private DBMSs.

Oracle Database to PostgreSQL Migration Services

Postgres Professional is a Russian independent developer of PostgreSQL-based DBMS. In addition to the question of purchasing an import-substituting product (including within the Union State of Russia and Belarus), Postgres Pro offers additional security, performance, reliability and comprehensive support.

MySQL to PostgreSQL Database Migration Services

This type of migration involves expanding the capabilities of the DBMS and is caused by the need to expand your business or enterprise. So you are growing and ready for more! We are ready to help you with your migration to a more powerful modern database management system - PostgreSQL!

Services for migration of MS SQL databases to PostgreSQL (for 1C)

Postgres Pro offers full compatibility with products based on the 1C platform. Everything is ready and configured for collaboration!

Database migration services to cloud infrastructure

This type of migration involves moving stored information, applications and the entire infrastructure from a local site to a virtual one that is used by different clients. Such a cloud is responsible for computing, storing and providing network services.


    - Speed and Cost Savings

Thanks to cloud technologies, you can scale your business according to your needs.

    - Additional features such as crash recovery

The cost and complexity of managing end-to-end disaster recovery for local centers can be very costly. Data in the cloud is easier to recover, and you no longer need to keep specialists on staff.

    - Stable developing technology and additional services

The offers include the most trending solutions: from fast servers to machine learning systems in the cloud.

Sale of Postgres Pro licenses

We are partners of Postgres Professional in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. If it is necessary to purchase DBMS licenses without the need for installation, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive support not only in selling licenses, but also in consulting options for Postgres Pro DBMS modifications

PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro database support and maintenance services

As partners of Postgres Professional, we can provide a range of technical support services for PostgreSQL/Postgres Pro DBMS of various tariffs. High-quality professional support and maintenance will help to achieve smooth operation of client PostgreSQL and minimize system failures and downtime.

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