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Recently the trend of using corporate portals has become widespread: both large companies and small/medium enterprises have already implemented or are on the way to creating an internal communication system and organizing much more effective working process. From the very beginning, the functionality requirements for such portals were limited to posting news and important information for company’s employees, as well as organizing a forum for internal discussions, however, today business management requires setting up access for each and every system user (including remote access) in order to be able to work with corporate applications in a single unified interface.  

What is a «Corporate Portal»?

Corporate portal is a company’s single virtual information space that provides easy access to all the required files and documents, provides means to effectively organize employee’s team work, conduct corporate information policy, receive feedback from employees and much more. Usually, corporate portal along with other virtual workplace tools (such as an internal request processing system or ERP system) are part of the internal network space – the intranet.

Corporate Portal’s Goals and Objectives

The main goal of any corporate portal is to unite several fundamental functions under a single information space: 

  • arrangement of convenient workplace for all employees in order to save time and, as a result, enhance employee’s effectiveness;
  • development and implementation of company’s internal information policy: internal PR that unites employees from different departments, offices and branches in a single space and enables creation of required agenda that correlates with the company management’s objectives, as well as pursuit teambuilding goals.

Informational tasks. Inform your employees by: publishing internal decrees, instructions, documents and templates. Internal decrees and instructions that are published within the portal may be automatically mailed to certain related groups of employees. Working papers can be allocated in relevant website’s subsections and will always be at hand. Using company’s internal portal for informational tasks will help you reduce the time required to disseminate information among your employees, will significantly reduce the amount of uninformed employees and will simplify implementation of common working standards.
Communication tasks. Portal’s forum may be used for both vertical and horizontal communications. The forum may host communication between management and their teams / departments, as well as inter-team or inter-department discussions. For instance: discussions of events, related to company’s internal and external life, workplace issues and other.
Forum has a special paramount importance in large companies or in companies with remote offices. Moreover, this internal resource may be used for polling for any significant issues or matters.
Motivation and teambuilding is a not so obvious but an important objective of company’s portal that is aimed at creating a corporate environment where employees receive information about each other in a positive way and demonstrate their skills, professional knowledge and experience. Publishing news on breakthroughs and advancements of both individual employees and departments in the internal portal will motivate others, as well as build up team spirit among small groups of employees and even departments and, thus, fulfilling teambuilding goals.

If needed, the portal may also act as a tool to control and monitor employees’ activities. Employee’s login, browsing, viewing any documents and decrees may be automatically tracked by the system and, as a result, provide a full picture of employee’s behavior. To achieve that we use traffic and behavior analytics tools.
Thus, company’s corporate portal may become a very effective and convenient tool that will enable you to solve all kinds of tasks.

Information and Entertainment
Providing informational and entertaining content is not the main or in any way a significant task, but, however, it is also applicable to the system. The corporate portal may be used to publish funny stories, jokes, quizzes and other materials that will foster good mood among your employees.

What is «portal.newland»?

«Portal.newland» is a solution with web interface that features systematization capabilities, provides a single access point to corporate information, simplifies interaction between all departments and corporate applications.
«Portal.newland» possesses all the aforementioned features and capabilities and is a continuously developing product that is able to keep pace with the new functional needs and remain an effective tool for interaction analysis among specific employees and departments, based on gathered analytical data.  
In other words, is a modular type system that may be extended with new functions through plugin support. For instance, in addition to the informational and communicative nature the corporate portal is able to fulfill the tasks of HR department and become an access point for HR specialists, allowing them to log employees starting from recruitment and up to their dismissal.
System access is carried out through the web-browser, releasing users from installing additional software on their computers.
Portal may also be adapted to various devices.
«Portal.newland» may be provided in two versions:

Basic – suits small and medium businesses, public organizations, schools, governmental institutions, housing services and utilities and others. This version includes all the required features and capabilities for effective organization of successful teamwork and acquisition of required information.
Extended – a multifunctional portal that is able to solve a multitude of tasks, become a company’s operating processes hub, as well as informational and analytical tool for PR and HR departments.
Any version may be customized for the customer’s needs both functionally and visually within the framework of existing templates. 
Any version includes a built-in analytics system that takes into account all the major portal visit parameters (time visited, visit duration, visit depth, number of pages, etc.). reaches several important objectives:

  • informational – employees gain access to the up-to-date information related to the company’s day-to-day life, innovations, working hours changes and other relevant information;
  • communicative – a possibility to communicate with other employees on personal (chat, forum) or working issues (report error, offer an idea, etc.) in a single common space;
  • functional – quick and convenient access to the required working tools, data and information in general;
  • economic – the portal unites a multitude of functions and is a single access point to working tools and information. Working processes are optimized due to the high data processing performance;
  • statistical and analytical – analytics system allows you to gather statistical data, related to portal visitors.

Corporate portal has been developed using object oriented approach and technologies such as: AJAX, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySql Database. 
Integration with third party applications is carried out through widgets and API.

Portfolio is already used by Kenfordbel JLLC, MasterPin JLLC, OneSmartStar JLLC.

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