System for calculating partner rewards

The system for calculating partner rewards is a software solution for conducting mutual settlements with partners and agents.

The product is designed for organizations that use partner programs and agent networks to promote their products and services. For example, insurance companies, distributors of printed products, product manufacturers, etc.

Scope of application: insurance companies, banks, retail, telecom, medicine and education.

Scope of application of the System for calculating partner rewardsScope of application of the System for calculating partner rewards

What to use

  • to set different algorithms for calculating partner rewards;
  • to automate the calculation and payment process;
  • to optimize the reconciliation and billing process.


  • integration with third-party information systems;
  • create business processes using drag-and-drop tools and business rules in a convenient web interface;
  • configuration of mutual settlements based on ready-made sets of conditions, business rules, microservices and connectors;
  • Hybrid approach to use (No Code, Low Code and Pro Code development).

System Characteristics

  • Support for multivariate calculation algorithms (up to 10 thousand partners, up to 20 thousand combinations).
  • Up to 30 preset calculation parameters.
  • User interface with visual display and sorting of data.
  • API for integration with third-party systems (including PostgreSQL).
  • Test environment for business users.
  • Ability to download sets of source data – parameters and expected results for mass calculation and reconciliation with actual results.
  • Logging, auditing and monitoring of the system.

Business Value

  • reducing the time and improving the accuracy of processing documents for calculating partner rewards;
  • prompt change of calculation conditions, creation of new algorithms.

This product is based on a hybrid integration platform (HIP).

The settlement system can be customized to the customer's requirements using Low Code or Pro Code development modes. If necessary, we will create additional microservices and API.

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