Absolute: MEND. An integrated solution for mobile device registration

Absolute: MEND is a solution that allows identifying, verifying and authorizing mobile devices within any given network. The system is made of local modules (registers), installed at mobile service provider’s site, and central database that collects, processes, analyses and stores information

  • Illegal import
  • Mobile device theft
  • Counterfeit/cloned IMEI
  • Use of mobile devices for terrorism
  • Sale of uncertified mobile devices

As a result

  • Tax losses
  • Threat to personal safety and security
  • State budget losses
  • National security threat
  • Health risks

Absolute: MEND is here to help!


Absolute: MEND is an integrated solution that:

  • eliminate the use of and drastically reduce the volume of illegally imported mobile devices (including phones, smartphones, tablets, routers, etc.);
  • significantly increase Country’s customs and tax revenue;
  • reduce the amount of crimes, related to mobile device theft, by way of prohibiting the use of stolen mobile devices in a Country;
  • provide a solution to a range of security issues amid the growing threat of international terrorism and extremism.

Local Equipment Identity Register is a software and hardware module that is installed at mobile service provider’s site and carries out mobile device monitoring upon registration with the network and relocation to any local area.
Central Equipment Identity Register collects, processes, refines the data from registers and further forms and transfers control data to every local register, thus, synchronizing and analyzing the lists of mobile devices.
The solution includes software and user interfaces that are able to generate various types of reports.


Implementation goals

Primarily the system is designed to control and maintain adherence to registration rules, as well as monitor existing mobile devices in mobile networks within the country.

Implementation of MDRS will enable you to resolve a range of economic, social and legal issues, including:

  • stimulate the internal market of mobile devices;
  • decrease the amount of uncertified and illegally imported devices;
  • increase the quality of communication services;
  • synchronize and automate operation of authorities;
  • decrease the number of theft and fraud cases.

The system uses three main identifiers:
IMEI is a unique 15- or 16-digit identifier of each mobile device that is assigned to mobile devices by authorized organizations with relevant protection against changes and modifications.
IMSI stands for international mobile subscriber identity, associated with every GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE mobile network user. IMSI contain 15 (sometimes 14) digits and is made of mobile country code, mobile network code and mobile subscriber identification number.
MSISDN stands for mobile subscriber integrated services digital network number and is used for GSM, UMTS and other standard mobile networks. This number is used to transfer the phone number to the assigned subscriber and to receive calls using a cellular phone. MSISDN includes up to 15 digits and is made of three parts: country code, national destination code subscriber number. 

Thus, the System is able to:

  • identify the device using IMEI number, IMEI-IMSI pair or IMEI-IMSI-MSISDN triplet and check, register and authorize mobile devices within the networks of mobile service providers in the Country with respect to the aforementioned identifiers;
  • maintain records of national and roaming mobile network Subscribers and national fixed-line Subscribers;
  • identify the validity of information in respect of mobile network Subscriber’s device type;
  • maintain records of currently utilized mobile devices with specific IMSI codes, as well as maintain historical data;
  • accumulate and store Subscriber’s location information in conjunction with the particular mobile device.

Remote workstations and Web interface may be used for stand-alone registration of mobile devices by private and legal entities.

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