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Абсолют: Smart Desk. Service desk for client support

Absolute: Smart Desk
is a single contact point for tickets from both employees and clients in support system. Our product allows to automate all the processes connected with upcoming tickets by boosting and simplifying ticket receipt and processing with regard to maintain any objects, such as equipment, software and buildings.

Absolute: Smart Desk manages ITSM-processes of IT-support (based on ITIL practices) and controls compliance with KPI in terms of set agreements (SLA).

The product works by “service desk” principle which means a set of services providing support and assistance for the users of technological products and services.


Absolute: Smart Desk helps to:

  • Reduce service time of an accident.
  • Improve tracking procedures, accident processing and escalation.
  • Create a single base of service agreements, accidents and knowledge.
  • Eliminate mistakes connected with human factor (losses, forgetfulness, data duplicates).
  • Automate routine processes.
  • Receive detailed statistics of all the tickets from different departments and each employee.

The system is built on the basis of a flexible modular MVC architecture, implemented by means of the modern high-performance, scalable and easily extensible PHP-framework Yii2, which has a well-deserved reputation for being a reliable and secure solution.
The modular architecture allows you to extend the functionality of your application and adapt it to changing requirements with additional modules, without affecting the main functionality at a low level.
The system has a basic API for integration with external systems, which allows you to additionally automate the creation of tasks, updating their status and tracking changes.
Adaptive, cross-browser layout "Absolute: Smart Desk" allows you to work with the system not only from desktops, but also from tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS.

Absolute: Smart Desk allows to carry out evaluation of IT department. Implementing the product will help to understand how many tickets the support service receives and how frequent the equipment is broken, how high the quality of service is.  

Based on that info some weaknesses may be detected, future development of IT infrastructure may be designed, employees may be trained. It will be possible to understand needs of each company department.
Based on the data, economic downtime may be avoided.


Absolute: Smart Desk helps all the internal corporate departments.


  • IT department – reaction on user’s problems connected with IT services, equipment and network channels;
  • administration and maintenance department – improvement of working conditions (ordering new furniture, repair requests of faults);
  • human resources department (HR) – recruitment (tickets on personnel search and selection, base of candidates, tickets for hiring a new employee, checking employees in security services);
  • personnel document flow – tickets on checkup and evaluation of diverse agreements;
  • any department – help desk call aiming to receive necessary assistance.

Absolute: Smart Desk allows to set up a succession of actions while dealing with new and existing tickets to reach better results.

Flexible setup with existing processes within a company allows Absolute: Smart Desk to be implemented nicely.

Absolute: Smart Desk. Knowledge base

Knowledge and expertise are one of the most important resources of any company. Knowledge may help to reduce the number of tickets from clients as there is always an opportunity to find a relevant answer in the base.

The main characteristics of the knowledge base Absolute: Smart Desk
  • Tree architecture

You may form the knowledge base, articles, illustrations and attach documents on your own. Tree architecture allows to organize necessary data easily. An article may be located in different sections and be available for users while searching through the topics.

  • Access management

You can manage access! Articles may be available both for the clients and employees. You can pick those who can see data. In addition, you can limit the access by departments and individual employees.

Knowledge base is one the best tools to organize uninterrupted service maintenance. Absolute: Smart Desk provides flexible Wiki-system which can be easily adapted to your business-processes.

  • Format of data

Convenient data editor helps you to mark necessary and essential info. You can attach limitless number of files to any article!

  • Searching through knowledge base

Searching through knowledge base is a unique mechanism which allows users to find answers to the questions. Key words are added to any article which makes it fast and easy for user to find necessary info.

Absolute: Smart Desk. Additional Capabilities

  • Automation and optimization of interaction between corporate departments.
  • Single space for storage and transfer of business-info, necessary for task performance.
  • Compliance control of own SLA in terms of serving internal and external clients.
  • Notification setup about events in terms of ticket performance.
  • Ticket priority and type identification.
  • Report formation (report about consumed time per a ticket, company resources based on employee requests, etc.).
  • Recording of performance history with purpose of effectivity evaluation of departments and individual employees.
  • Constant quality improvement of provided services or products.

Absolute: Smart Desk satisfies all requirements set to management systems:

  • Multichanneling of process initialization.
  • Multilanguage interface.
  • User-friendly, easily setup interface with convenient filters.
  • Adaptable interface: it is easy to work both from desktop and mobile phone.
  • E-mail notification system which allows to track ticket status and provide info about ticket performance stage.
  • Available and sufficient product info (wiki, tutorials).
  • Ticket evaluation (feedback).
  • Security (SSL, registration in the system by user account data)
  • Technical support from developers.
  • SaaS (software as a service) upon request without installing on the server.
  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration with external systems.

Absolute: Smart Desk is designed on the base of flexible module architecture.

Module architecture allows to expand functional capabilities of Absolute: Smart Desk and adapt them to altered requirements due to additional modules avoiding the main capabilities on a low level. It provides wider configuration capabilities in compliance with client’s processes.

There is a basic API for integration with external systems which allows to automate task creation, updating its status and tracking any changes.

Adaptable, cross-browser layout of Absolute: Smart Desk allows to work with the solution both from desktops and tablets, and smartphones due to Android and iOS

Absolute: Smart Desk combines ITSM solutions and Smart Desk services. It helps to manage not only IT, but all business-processes of any company from retail to enterprises. Implementation of Absolute: Smart Desk will improve greatly the interactions with internal and external clients.


NEWLAND technology has been a provider of interconnect billing solutions for the national operator RUE “Beltelecom” for more than 15 years.

We provide constant support and development of supplied products.

Absolute: Smart Desk as own software was installed to automate all stages of technical support for better effectivity.

Example of filled request card

One of the most essential elements of any Smart Desk system is the Knowledge base which may be used by not only technical specialists but clients.

Technical support has support history, necessary drafts, descriptions and dictionaries. Clients can receive the answers on typical questions without reaction of technical support.

Wiki-system Absolute: Smart Desk allows to create wiki-dictionaries, articles and organize any data.

Wiki Page

Absolute: Smart Desk – benefit to everyone

Benefits for business

Implementation of Absolute: Smart Desk increases the speed of request registration and processing. Extensive knowledge base of successfully managed accidents allows to prepare the answers automatically based on the text of incoming request. Technologies and mechanisms of automation allow to reduce working hours and, as a result, wages of the operators. Fast reaction on client problem means 100% boosting their loyalty which brings reconversion.

Benefits for clients

When a client asks our company for help, Absolute: Smart Desk provides fast and reliable services, prompt problem-solving and consultations, opportunity to create and control a ticket due to self-service portal.

Benefits for employees

Request registration on servicing computer equipment, signing the requests on giving new equipment are typical for any big company. Due to service-desk system an employee can fill-in requests and receive feedback and an instant result in several clicks. The mechanism is able to boost operations on requests and free up employees for more useful tasks.

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