Absolute: FreeCooling – freecooling system

The Absolute: FreeCooling system is designed for cost-effective cooling of objects by controlled supply of colder outdoor air into the premises. Supports joint work with the air conditioning system, optionally with heating equipment.

Application: base stations of telecom operators, data centers, industrial premises.

Priority cooling is provided by freecooling. Cold air enters through the air intake, passes through the check valve, supply fan and air filter. Warm air is expelled through the check valve. Air conditioning (heating) is switched on only if the free cooling capacity is insufficient, as well as in cases when the operation of the free-cooling system is prohibited.

The system is controlled depending on the ambient temperature and the room temperature in accordance with the set operation logic.


  • Cooling of the controlled room in the range of external temperatures from +5°С to +50°С.
  • Automatic opening/closing of the inlet/outlet air dampers at the set temperatures, adjustment of the angle of inclination of the shutters.
  • Automatic switching on/off of fans at set temperatures (power adjustable).
  • Automatic switching on / off of air conditioners (heaters) with protection against frequent switching on.
  • Programming of work algorithms.
  • Reading temperature and/or humidity from digital sensors (inside / outside and sensors from air conditioners).
  • Monitoring the status of valves (open/closed) and fans (on/off).
  • Monitoring the status of each of the input ports.
  • Determining the flooding of the room when a leakage sensor is connected.


Freecooling system configuration

Absolute: FreeCooling consists of a freecooling installation with connected climate equipment. All components of the system are controlled by a FreeCooling controller with software in accordance with programmable algorithms. The connection of external software based on the IoT platform Absolute: SmartCloud allows you to organize remote monitoring of an unlimited number of geographically distributed engineering facilities and remotely control their operation in both automatic and manual mode.

FreeCooling installation

FreeCooling installationInlet valve with controlled fan systemControl module FreeCoolingMechanical air filter


  • control module (controller)
  • inlet damper with a system of controlled fans
  • outlet valve
  • temperature, humidity sensors
  • removable mechanical air filter
  • mosquito net
  • external valve covers.

To ensure comprehensive monitoring, the system can be equipped with additional devices: tilt angle sensor, leakage sensor, etc.


Control module (controller)
Independent control channelsEthernet/WIFI web interface,
API (data exchange interface with monitoring center)
Inputs2 universal analog inputs,
8 digital input/output ports,
2 relays, 2 outputs for IR transmitter
InterfacesRS485, RS232, Ethernet, 1-Wire, Wi-Fi,
2 outputs for powering external devices, 12V and 5V
Power supply relay on controller board, B230
Max. switched current relay on controller board, A5
Fan performance by air, m3/h2100
Operating temperature range, °С -30…+50
Power consumption (with fans), W, max 120
DC supply voltage, V12-60
Weight, kg, no more30
Service life, years, not less10

*The appearance, technical characteristics and configuration of the freecooling system may vary depending on the customer's design requirements.

Remote control capabilities

  • Multi-level access to the management system (admin, user).
  • Formation of commands to enable/disable all controlled elements in manual and/or automatic mode.
  • Remote programming of the controller and algorithms of the system.
  • Viewing events with the date of switching on/off of system elements.
  • Viewing a graph of indoor temperature changes.
  • View events about the opening/closing of air inflow/outflow valves.
  • Accounting of the operating time of each of the air conditioners.
  • Generating alerts about accidents in real time.
  • Viewing the status of input signals.
  • Setting the frequency of updating information in the database during normal and emergency modes.
  • Software testing of valves for opening and closing at the operator's command, depending on access rights.

If you have any questions about the development of freecooling systems, please contact the technical specialists of NEWLAND technology. We will analyze your case and create an optimal solution taking into account the area of the object, its purpose, design considerations, the need to automate work with functional equipment and other factors.

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