Absolute: SmartSite. Monitoring and management solution of remote sites


Today the market of monitoring and management devices for remote sites mainly means the solutions with controllers to perform only certain tasks. For instance, security, access control, power consumption measurement, battery control, external device management. Such solutions are more complicated to integrate with single monitoring and management system of all the site.

We offer a solution which uses one controller for all the tasks and allows to reduce greatly the expenses on equipment purchase and installing, its operation and further technical maintenance.


Absolute: SmartSite is a complex using a set of sensors, means of communication and computation, mobile devices, informational and analytical programs comprising automated management system for daily operation of remote facilities.


Absolute: SmartSite is:

  • Single monitoring and management center of all the remote facilities.
  • Complex monitoring of all the processes onsite.
  • Notifying about all the daily operations onsite with statistics on tablets and PCs.
  • Providing authorized persons with up-to-date information in real-time mode.
  • One Controller to manage all the facility infrastructure.
  • There is no need to install additional controllers and extensive modules.

Integrated solution, which allows to:

Collect, process and distribute information.
Report about current status of all the sites regardless its quantity and location.
Notify about alarms, its reasons and eliminate it as soon as possible to result in recovery.
Increase productivity onsite.
Increase the lifetime of expensive equipment.
Reduce expenses on technical maintenance.


Solution architecture:

Absolute: SmartSite comprises software controller and programmed modules. Controller in one body under DIN rail, which does not require additional module, is installed together with attached sensors on remote site and allows data collection and remote autonomous management in compliance with programmed procedure. Programmed modules are designed to manage the controller, process and store data collected from remote sites.

Single monitoring center


Absolute: SmartSite is an integrated solution which allows to:

  • increase the efficiency of remote sites’ technical maintenance and repair;
  • reduce greatly the expenses for remote sites’ technical maintenance and operation;
  • set up notifications in case of failure by several tracked parameters;
  • increase a period of non-repair maintenance of expensive equipment;
  • get the reports of current status of all the sites not considering its quantity and location;
  • get info about arising emergencies, its causes and solve the problem and its circumstances as soon as possible;
  • use only competent specialists for repair works.

You can find more detailed description of Absolute: SmartSite in the presentation.


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