Monitoring and control system for diesel generator sets (DGS)

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is a critically important task for many enterprises in industry, communications, transport, medicine and other fields. Diesel generator sets and diesel power plants (DPP) are often used as sources of auxiliary or backup power supply. The presence of an intelligent system for remote monitoring of diesel generator sets allows you to build the most efficient power supply system for the facility and avoid critical situations.

DGS and DPP remote monitoring system

Support of any types of DGS and DPP

Online monitoring of multiple parameters

Remote control of DGS

Scalability and personalization

The monitoring system of DGS and DPP is a hardware and software complex for operational monitoring of the condition and operation of diesel generator sets and power plants, and their remote control. Using this solution is especially relevant when it is necessary to organize online monitoring of several geographically distributed objects.

Hardware and software complex includes: controller for controlling DGS SmartCom and online monitoring software platform.

Solved tasks of the remote monitoring and control system include:

  • Display of current diesel generator operating parameters and fuel consumption in real time.
  • Recording and storing data for future analysis and planning.
  • Notification of emergency situations or exceeding the permissible operating parameters of the diesel generator set.
  • Remote operation control, including the generator turning on and off, changing its parameters, etc.

The ability to scale and integrate with other dispatch systems allows to organize comprehensive automation of monitoring of any remote objects.

The introduction of a remote control system for diesel generator sets allows you to reduce the costs of operation and maintenance of installations, increase their safety and efficiency of use, reduce fuel costs and prevent its theft, reduce the risk of breakdowns and downtime of functional equipment.

System architecture and functionality

Scheme of operation of the DGS monitoring system
Scheme of operation of the remote monitoring system of DGS

Sensors and flow meters measure the operating characteristics of the generator and transmit them to the DGS controller. The received data through the SmartCom or SmartSite controller (converter) or directly (if there is an Ethernet connection on the diesel generator controller) enters the software platform. Number of connected equipment to the monitoring system is unlimited. Information from all controlled objects is displayed in the single users account of the Web-application.


  • Generator operation monitoring: monitoring voltage, amperage, power, frequency, coolant temperature, oil pressure, phase rotation errors, phase imbalance, etc.
  • Accounting of engine hours and generated electricity.
  • Preventive and routine launch of the generating set according to schedule.
  • Monitoring the parameters of the power supply network, controlling the network contactors and generator contactors when starting up the DGS.
  • Battery life monitoring for starting the generator set, flexible adjustment of parameters for turning on and off the diesel generator set, monitoring the battery charge from the generator.
  • Fuel level monitoring for both main and reserve tanks.
  • Control of opened tank caps.
  • Fuel leakage (theft) detection when the engine is running/stopped and during refueling.
  • Automatic refueling using reserve tank.

Web application for monitoring diesel generator sets

Each user of the personal account of the Web application for remote monitoring of DGS is assigned a role with a set of access and functional rights.

Possibilities user account:

  • Displaying objects on the map with different color indications of their operating status.
  • Monitoring operating parameters and sending control commands via a virtual panel of diesel generator set controllers (Datacom, RID, etc.)
  • Generating and downloading analytical reports.
  • Setting emergency and warning events at various thresholds.
  • Sending SMS and Email notifications about the occurrence of problem situations.
  • Event logging.
  • Uploading and storing photos and text documentation for equipment and installation options.

User Interface Examples

Remote control of diesel generator set
User interface example – Remote control of diesel generator set
Remote control of diesel generator set
User interface example – Remote control of diesel generator set
DGS monitoring
User Interface example – DGS monitoring
Sample report – Fuel consumption
Sample report – Fuel consumption

The appearance of your personal account, functionality, and report forms can be modified in accordance with the objectives of specific projects.

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