Absolute: SmartClimate – monitoring and control of microclimate parameters

Absolute: SmartClimate – solution for automatic measurement of air temperature and relative humidity in residential, industrial and warehouse premises, in vehicles and containers.

We offer a complex automatic system for microclimate monitoring consisting of a wireless sensor SmartClimate and IoT-platform Absolut: SmartCloud (software).

Application area

  • automation and dispatching of premises and technological processes;
  • monitoring of cargo transportation conditions that require compliance with a certain temperature regime;
  • continuous measurement of temperature and humidity during storage of medicines, medical products, food and other goods;
  • maintaining a certain microclimate when growing plants, crops, keeping animals and birds;
  • ensuring standards of climate indicators at the workplaces.

Absolute: SmartClimate is applicable to many industries:

  • pharmaceuticals and healthcare;
  • industry and food production;
  • agriculture;
  • scientific and research sphere;
  • logistic and warehousing;
  • cargo transportation;
  • retail.

Solution advantages

  • 24/7 remote temperature and humidity monitoring;
  • Sending SMS or E-mail notifications in case of deviation from acceptable parameters;
  • Internal logging of measured parameters to the SSD card;
  • Display to show current device information (option);
  • Long life of the device (at least 2 years) without replacing removable AA batteries;
  • Scalability and versatility in the construction of sensor systems;
  • Standardized Data Exchange Protocol – MQTT;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Ease of operation.

Microclimate monitoring and control sensor SmartClimate

Microclimate monitoring and control sensor SmartClimate

The wireless sensor SmartClimate can work:
  • offline;
  • with the IoT platform Absolute:SmartCloud;
  • integrate with systems and platforms сustomer.

Operating temperature range:– 40 — +50 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy:±0,1 °C in the range of +35,8 °C to 41 °C
Limits of permissible temperature measurement error:No more than ±0,3°С
Relative humidity measuring range:0% – 98%
Relative Humidity Error Limits:No more than ±3,0%
Autonomous operation of the sensor:at least 2 years
Data transmission/reception:NB-IoT
Size:100×100×50 mm

We are developers of hardware and software, which allows us to change or modify solutions for the client's tasks.You can order only the sensor or the entire turnkey system. The appearance can be changed according to the customer's requirements.

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