Absolute: SmartCloud universal IoT-platform


Today smart operations are entering all the fields of daily economy and IoT is already in the lives of all of us. Smart City, smart agriculture, smart manufacture – this means not a set of future anticipations, but our reality which allows to increase greatly industrial growth and make the life more comfortable, safe and sustainable.

However different approaches for smart tool implementation may cause problems. Each task is handled separately without integration with external solutions for synergy.

It brings out several issues:

  • Separate infrastructure for each system.
  • It is complicated and usually impossible to provide data of related systems.
  • Both expenses and efforts are increased.
  • It is hard to manage and scale infrastructure.

Absolute: SmartCloud is a universal IoT-platform
for monitoring and management of connected devices

Absolute: SmartСloud can receive, storage, process, analyze and visualize data in a fast and reliable way.

Allows to set up and manage connected devices. The platform is easily integrated with another applications.


How does IoT-platform work

Controller and connected sensors exchange data. Controller transfers received data in Monitoring and management center. Sensors may also transfer data directly to Monitoring and management center.

Any data requested by the user of Monitoring and management center is displayed in the system interface. User can make alternations in settings of remote sites’ parameters or carry out any actions permitted with access level, if necessary.

Supports diverse network channels: 2G/3G /4G, NB-IoT, Ethernet, UDP, TCP, LoRaWAN. and more.

Platform architecture

Platform architecture


Absolute: SmartCloud meets the requirements for IoT-platforms:

Quantity of end-devices which may be connected to the platform with effective balance of server loading is unlimited.

Easy to integrate
Flexible to integrate API.

Alternatives for deployment
Individual server or cloud solution.

Data protection by encrypting, access control for users.

Reliable data storage, fast access.

Absolute: SmartCloud. Technical capabilities

  • Platform allows to organize closed individual space for each client.
  • al setup and usage of Cloud.
  • Wide support of standards and protocols (2G/3G/4G, NB-IoT, ZigBee, LoRaWAN and more).
  • High productivity.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Fault-tolerant clustering.
  • Many-user environment.
  • Possibility to re-design user’s interface in custom-style.

User capabilities in the platform

Data from connected devices is storage in the database of remote server allowing to analyze data quickly for management actions, to receive necessary analytical reports and charts.

User area opens wide capabilities: from access rights’ assignment to visualization of received data.

According to the client's requirements the interface of the area may be charged under company brand book.

Application industries

Absolute: SmartCloud increases effectivity and reduces maintenance expenses in following industries:

  • Telecom and Electricity-producing industry
  • Manufacture and Mining industry
  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Digital housing utilities and Smart City
  • Logistics and transport
  • Retail
  • Agriculture

Absolute: SmartCloud: integrated proposal

We offer an integrated solution: Platform for IoT Absolute: SmartCloud allows to use any network protocols, sensors, a wide range of controllers, sensors of own design. Upon integrated implementation you receive a ready tool that includes all functional capabilities of IoT platforms which is easily scaled and setup for any business-processes.

Additional capabilities with controller

Controller Absolute: SmartSite connected to the platform Absolute: SmartCloud allows to connect many sensors in a single info-analytical area, to manage events, equipment settings and perform many other tasks:

  • Working with wire sensors (RS485, RS232, etc.)
  • Local event processing
  • Local management of diverse devices and equipment
  • Optimization of network channels’ quantity
  • Guarantee of data transfer to Monitoring and management center by keeping records in a local log

Absolute: SmartCloud: flexible approach

Absolute: SmartCloud platform may adapt to existing solution for certain functional tasks on client’s demand.
For instance, Monitoring and management center receives data from sensors and indicators:

  • sensors of parking spaces
  • sensors of filling level of dustbins
  • onsite thermosensors
  • indicators of diverse types

Depending on functional application at Absolute: SmartCloud platform certain compliant display forms, reports and charts are created according to functional tasks of Clients.

Absolute: SmartCloud: interface

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