Absolute: SmartTrack – monitoring the condition and movement of cargo

It is important not only to deliver cargo from one point to another, but also to ensure safety transportation, keeping the goods intact and undamaged. During transportation, cargo passes through many receiving and sending points: ports, storage facilities, warehouses. Sometimes cargo location and condition tracking becomes problematic.

Cargo control. Usage

Cargo monitoring along the transit

Absolute: SmartTrack is the optimal solution to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo: from the moment the container/car/trailer or other packaging is sealed until it is opened upon arrival at the destination.

Working principle

The system represents the interaction of SmartTrack sensors, which are installed on the transport container of the controlled cargo, the Monitoring and Control Center (Absolute: SmartCloud platform software) and the user. Sensors record the cargo location and condition and transmit data to the Platform at a given frequency.

In the event of any irregular event (for example, overload, accident, shock, attempted burglary and opening of the container/car/trailer door), the information is immediately sent to the Platform with followed notification of the operator about the incident.

The user’s personal account, which can be accessed from a PC or mobile device, displays detailed information about the cargo in real time (online). The user interface allows you to generate reports on events for a specific period of time, including a log of the entire movement of a container/car/trailer.

Main opportunities:

  • Online determination of the location of the container / wagon / trailer.
  • Recording the fact of opening the door of the container / wagon / trailer.
  • Light control inside the container / wagon / trailer (additional control of cargo safety).
  • Temperature control inside the container / wagon / trailer (accuracy 0.5° C, resolution 0.1° C).
  • Measurement of humidity level inside a container / wagon / trailer (accuracy 2% RH, resolution 0.1% RH).
  • Fixation of physical influences (for example, overloading, impact on the side, etc.) of the container / wagon / trailer.
  • Monitoring the residual charge level of the sensor battery.

For whom

«Absolute: SmartTrack is a kind of "digital seal", a modern solution for the security of your property during its movement by land, water or rail, as well as during its storage in a warehouse.


  • For cargo owners: control of the location of the goods, their safety.
  • For shipping companies: a guarantee to customers in the safety of transportation, control over the movement of goods and compliance with the route and much more.
  • For insurance companies: control over transportation risks and their management, additional options for cargo insurance.

The solution is optimal for controlling the transportation of medications, frozen and perishable products, other goods that require increased attention or compliance with a certain temperature transportation mode.

SmartTrack cargo monitoring sensor

SmartTrack cargo monitoring sensor

The SmartTrack sensor is attached to a container, wagon, trailer, refrigerator, any other object of cargo transportation. The sensor is mounted in such a way that it cannot be removed or damaged by unauthorized persons.

The compactness and non-volatility of the SmartTrack sensor allows it to be used for control groupage cargo, fixing it, for example, on a pallet.

If there is no need to use SmartTrack offline, we offer an option with additional external power.

The functionality of SmartTrack can be significantly expanded by using additional sensors such as atmospheric pressure, magnetometer, gas sensor and so on. This will allow realizing the possibility of controlling many specific cargoes and observing special conditions for their transportation.

Key features of the SmartTrack sensor:

Built-in battery type C (R14/26500):3.6V, 5000 - 9000 mAh
Working temperature:from -40°C to +60°C
Storage temperature:from -40°C to +80°C
Maximum humidity:up to 100%
Enclosure protection:IP-65
Size:135 x 69 x 50 mm, 250 g.
Built-in modem:GSM/GPRS (default), 3G/4G/NB-IoT (optional)
Antenna type:Built-in
Data transfer:SMS, TCP-IP
Measurements: temperature:from -40°C to + 60°C, accuracy 0.5°C, resolution 0.1°C
Measurements: Acceleration and Shocks:ADC 16 bit, ±16 g
Measurements: humidity (optional):0 to 100% RH, accuracy 2% RH, resolution 0.1% RH
Measurements: magnetometer (optional):ADC 14 bit, ± 4800µT
Measurements: lighting (optional):from 0 to 100 LUX
GPS receiver type:GPS (default), GLONASS (optional)
Coordinate determination time:50 sec (cold start), 27 sec (warm start), 1 sec (hot start)
Accuracy of determining GPS coordinates:2.5 meters
GPS speed accuracy0.1 m/s
Measurement frequency:Configurable
Depth of data accumulation:Configurable
Data transmission frequency:Configurable
Battery life:Up to 10 years depending on measurement frequency and data transmission frequency
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