Smart City. Experience for everyone: citizens, visitors, businesses & municipality


As the population is constantly growing and therefore leading to a range of problems, such as environmental worsening, crime level increase, traffic jams, unreasonable expanses on resources which leads to bad quality of citizens’ lives and many local businesses. That is why big cities use the idea of “smart city”, meaning the system with millions of sensors collecting the data from everywhere. With the help of such cities will become more safe and convenient for everyone from the citizens themselves to large businesses.


We offer “Smart City. Experience for everyone: citizens, visitors, businesses & municipality”, which is an integrated solution with wide range of functional capabilities solving many tasks:

Functional and Advantage

Benefits and functionalities of “Smart City. Experience for everyone: citizens, visitors, businesses & municipality”

Benefits of Smart Lighting


  • Significant energy and cost savings 
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Automated procedures based on analytics

Citizens & visitors

  • Increased public safety
  • Improved quality of life

Benefits of Smart Parking

Municipality & businesses

  • Revenue opportunities
  • Tidy public or private parking spaces

Citizens & visitors

  • Navigation to free parking lots
  • Reduced time to park
  • Traffic minimization
  • Emissions reduction

Benefits of Public Wi-Fi

Local businesses

  • Direct advertising
  • Anonymous statistics (heat-maps)
  • Connection with customers


  • Connection with citizens and visitors
  • Building co-operation & trust between municipality and businesses
  • Revenue opportunities

Citizens & visitors

  • Free internet access 
  • Location based content reception
  • Navigation

Benefits of Smart Waste

Municipality & businesses

  • Effective waste management in touristic and VIP areas
  • Adaptive collection route planning
  • Maintenance & labor cost reduction

Citizens & visitors

  • Experience a clean and hygiene environment
  • Traffic minimization
  • Emission reduction

Environment and traffic sensors

Benefits for municipality

  • Automated notifications
  • Automated reports
  • Fast actions & identification of emergency and abnormal situations

Benefits for citizens & visitors

  • Improved quality of life

Energy Monitoring

Benefits for municipality & businesses:

  • Power and cost savings
  • Emission reductions
  • Detection of consumption abnormalities by analytics (e.g. leaks, fraud detected)
  • Support in optimizing energy distribution at city level

Management and monitoring of various elements comes from single monitoring center.

uiTOP: Unified Smart City view

  • Total Command & Control Environment for Smart City Applications and Services
  • Aggregated information in insightful dashboards with powerful Analytics capabilities


The Solution is successfully implemented:

Romania, Alba Iulia

  • Smart lighting
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Parking monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring
  • People counting
  • Noise monitoring
  • SOS button
  • Beacons & marketing apps

ESCO project (Greece)

  • Smart lighting
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Parking monitoring

Energy monitoring project (Greece)
Energy management portal:

  • Secure access to administrators & consumers
  • Data analytics - dashboards, comparison charts, reports
  • Notifications & alerts on consumption thresholds

Our advantages

We provide technical support for each project from its implementation to further development according to the needs of our customers.

We focus on the requirements of our client:

  • analyze the project from all the sides and get to any detail;
  • adapt every project to client’s requirements;
  • design user- and business cases;
  • comply with the agreement of stated maintenance level;
  • offer further development of implemented products and solutions.

We offer more than required:

  • consider not only our company, but yours in the long run;
  • prepare all the necessary documents to implement the products and solutions;
  • use ITIL best practices;
  • support not only our implementations, but the entire infrastructure.
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