Absolute: SmartLight - Smart street lighting system

Absolute: SmartLight is a solution for creating smart urban lighting. It combines smart masts and other lighting objects for streets, territories of institutions, industries, parks and recreation areas into a single system.

The result of the implementation: significant savings in electricity and operating costs, the creation of a safer urban space for citizens by regulating the light flux depending on the presence of people, moving objects in the area, the availability of natural light, and other parameters.

Lighting control system. Implementation

Smart city street lighting

Sensors are installed on lighting masts and supports, lighting fixtures for buildings, advertising structures, etc.

The data recorded by the measuring instruments are sent to the monitoring center.

The operator sets and controls smart lighting behavior scenarios through the monitoring center.

Lighting control scenarios are set depending on:

  • zones: street, park, courtyard, highway, public road, etc.
  • seasonality, time of day, days of the week, school holidays, etc.
  • the presence of emergencies, hazardous work, dangerous sections of roads: maximum light intensity in areas of increased danger, flashing light on the perimeters of accident zones, pedestrian crossings when pedestrians approach them.
  • address control, group on-off, switching on "through one", individual or group dimming.
  • and other modes of operation in accordance with the required lighting control logic.

Smart Lighting Masts

Integration of the Absolut: SmartLight IoT solution into the existing infrastructure is available without replacing lighting equipment.

The optimal solution for smart urban lighting is the installation of specialized lighting masts equipped with LED lamps. Each smart light pole can contain various combinations of sensors and additional equipment for capturing controlled parameters and implementing a variety of scenario events.

Умная городская мачта освещения

Photo of the exhibition version of the "smart mast" lighting.

We offer basic and advanced options for equipping a smart lighting tower for your business tasks.


  • Adaptive lighting (dimming).
  • Flexible mode control.


  • Control and diagnostics of equipment and fixtures.
  • Emergency lighting control.
  • Remote monitoring of the state of power supply lines.
  • Alarm about unauthorized connections to the lighting power supply.
  • Control of the verticality of the installation of load-bearing structures.
  • Billboard lighting.
  • Remote metering of electricity.
  • Formation of a database and reports on energy consumption.

Our capabilities

We implement turnkey projects using the full range of functionality of smart lighting poles.

We supply and install specialized SmartLight sensors, SmartInc (tilt of lamp posts), SmartControl (power consumption), SmartMeteo (weather monitoring), Smart Zrok video surveillance systems, air quality monitoring, and any other sensors on request.

Any project is accompanied by an analysis of business tasks and a pilot launch of the solution.

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