Absolute: SmartBIN - a system for optimizing the collection and disposal of waste

Monitoring of the fullness of garbage cans and optimization of waste disposal

Absolute: SmartBIN is a solution for optimizing the collection and control of the removal of municipal solid waste, secondary material resources of industrial waste and construction debris.

Absolute: SmartBIN system for optimizing the collection and disposal of waste

The Absolute: SmartBIN system allows you to organize timely removal of solid waste, create optimal routes, quickly respond to tank fires, track their location to prevent theft and receive analytical information.

The principle of operation

A complete solution for optimizing waste collection and disposal

The built-in sensor (SmartBIN) of fullness of garbage cans transfers data to the Absolute: SmartCloud platform (Monitoring Center) for processing and storage. Any information can be displayed in the system interface.

Based on the data received, the route of each garbage truck is automatically planned. The following are taken into account: the fullness of containers, the traffic situation, the workload of the garbage truck and the routes of other vehicles.

In the event of a fire in the trash can, overturning or unauthorized movement (theft), the operator is alerted.

SmartBIN Trash Can Fullness Sensor

Trash Can Fullness Sensor

The SmartBIN sensor is designed to measure the level of filling of garbage containers. The device is powered by a built-in battery and transmits telemetry data to the Monitoring Center with the possibility of intermediate data accumulation.

The built-in ultrasonic range finder determines the distance to the contents of the tank. When the filling level is exceeded, the operator receives information about this.

Depending on the required configuration, SmartBIN may contain:

  • Tilt angle sensor;
  • temperature sensor;
  • built-in NB-IoT modem;
  • GPS receiver.

The presence of these built-in sensors allows you to detect cases of overturning, theft (movement) or fire of garbage cans.

Platform Features

  • Setting the operating modes of sensors and parameters for notification of emergency situations.
  • Controlling the frequency of data arrival.
  • Data analysis, such as filling rates, garbage collection frequency, and presentation of information in the form of graphs.
  • Display on the map the location and status of containers.
  • Construction of optimal routes for the movement of garbage trucks.
Additional features:
  • Trash sensors are easy to integrate with other systems.
  • You can use Yandex.Maps, Google.Maps and other mapping services.
  • The Absolute: SmartCloud platform works both with NB-IoT sensors and devices of other data transmission technologies.

Smart management of solid waste removal is a modern approach to solving the problems of digital housing and communal services!

Advantages for garbage collection operators:

  1. Reduced fuel costs and operating costs.
  2. Improving the quality of garbage disposal services.
  3. Optimization of business processes, logistics of special machinery.
  4. Determination of the required number of containers at collection points, the speed of their filling.
  5. Prevention of container theft.
  6. The ability to work and build routes from any place where there is Internet.

Implemented solution Absolute: SmartBIN

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