Absolute: SmartHatch – manhole cover position monitoring and shaft condition monitoring

A solution for the urban economy

The theft of manhole covers and cable wells causes not only significant material damage to the owners of underground utilities, but also poses a significant danger to drivers and pedestrians.

Not only the manhole cover itself is stolen, but also cables and equipment in the technical shaft. One unclosed hatch can lead to tragic consequences!

We offer a complex solution for manhole cover position monitoring and shaft or technical wells condition monitoring Absolut: SmartHatch.

The solution is suitable for:
  • Utility service organizations;
  • Organizations that place equipment in mines.

Working principle

A complete solution for monitoring manhole covers and wells

The SmartHatch sensor transmits data to the IoT-platform Absolute: SmartCloud. In real time, the user of the system sees the location and status connected to the platform hatches on the map.

The information obtained allows to analyze the operation of the entire system, generate reports and visualize them. Data is accessed from anywhere in the world by the user's personal account.

In an emergency situation, the control system displays the place of the incident on the map and notifies the system operator or, according to the specified parameters, transmits data to the emergency service / law enforcement agencies.

In case of an emergency, the platform can additionally inform via SMS and E-Mail messages.

Hatch cover opening and position sensor SmartHatch

Manhole cover opening sensor

The sensor is designed and intended for continuous monitoring and detection of the fact of opening manholes and movement in collectors and inside technological premises.

The condition of the manhole cover is monitored in a non-contact way. The sensor can be installed below the well neck so as not to interfere with internal work.

Additionally, the device can be equipped with a motion detector, a flood detector and other sensors. In case of an emergency situation the sensor transmits a signal to the monitoring system.

Advantages of the SmartHatch sensor
  • Vandal resistance. It doesn’t require mounting on the back of the manhole cover, so it increases vandal resistance and reliability.
  • Reliability. It has no contacts to determine the condition of the manhole cover, all measurements are made contactless.
  • Ease of exploitation. Convenient installation, the fastening does not depend on the type of hatch, there is no need to adjust "in place" each time the cover is closed. It does not interfere with the passage into the cable well, it can be installed below the well neck.
  • Functionality. It can be equipped with additional sensors: motion detector, flooding and others. It allows monitoring of additional engineering systems of the mine.
  • Durability. Low power consumption guarantees uninterrupted battery life.
  • All-weather conditions. КProtection of the sensor housing - IP65, operating temperature range: from -40 to +70 °С.

Advantages of the complex solution Absolute: SmartHatch

  • Operational control over the condition of manhole covers and technological shafts, targeted detection of opening and penetration into the facility.
  • One of the sensors failure does not affect the operation of the entire system in any way.
  • It is possible to connect additional sensors, as well as pulse metering devices.
  • Data accumulation and visualization.
  • Low cost of the solution if connecting a turnkey system.


NEWLAND Technologies is a software and hardware developer, which allows to modify or refine solutions for the client's tasks. You can order only the sensors or the entire turnkey system. The devices can be modified according to your requirements.
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