Absolute: SmartInc – monitoring the angle of inclination of objects and structures

Measuring the angle of inclination of static (buildings, masts) and dynamic (crane boom, excavator scoop, etc.) objects allows not only to diagnose the condition, but also timely response to dangerous changes in the state of objects, analyze the quality and reliability of constructions, carry out routine maintenance to prevent dangerous situations and perform many other tasks.

Control the angle of inclination of objects and constructions Absolute: SmartInc

Control the angle of inclination of remote objects, buildings and constructions

We offer you the complex solution Absolute: SmartInc for remote control of the anglular position of elements of buildings, telecommunication structures, equipment, mechanisms. This is the joint use of the SmartInc tilt sensor, SmartSite controller and software for receiving and analyzing data from the sensor - the Absolute: SmartCloud (IoT platform).

Absolute: SmartInc allows to do quickly start monitoring any objects int the shortest time. The solution can be easily integrated with existing monitoring system.

How it works

System of remote monitoring the angle of inclination of objects and structures Absolute: SmartInc

The SmartInc sensor transmits the measured inclination angle values to the controller (or other device with digital input). From the controller the data is sent to a server or cloud storage, where it is processed and analyzed by the Monitoring and Management Center software (IoT platform Absolute: SmartCloud).

The sensor can also transmit data to the Monitoring Center directly.

In real time, the operator sees the state (deviation) of remote objects, including visualization on the map and generation of reports.

Logging into the monitoring system is possible from anywhere in the world using the user’s personal account.

In case of an emergency, responsible persons are notified via SMS/Email.


Measuring tilt angle offsets is applicable in a variety of areas:
  • to monitor the tilt of buildings and its individual elements;
  • to monitor deflection and critical angles of inclination of engineering structures, such as bridges, base station antennas, television towers, transmission lines;
  • to determine the position of the mechanisms of construction equipment: the boom of a truck crane, the body of a dump truck, the scoop of the excavator;
  • in monitoring system of the operation of municipal transport: lifting and lowering of attachments of cleaning equipment, overturning containers of garbage trucks;
  • to control the opening of dampers and hatches;
  • to automation pumping machines (determining the angle of inclination of the balancer);
  • in systems for maintaining the stability of various industrial equipment;
  • to control overturning of cargo during transportation;
  • for adjusting the tilt of solar panels;
  • when monitoring the angle of rotation of ventilation duct valves, the opening of rotary windows of ventilated facades, the derailment of lorries and trolleys;
  • for remote monitoring of the serviceability of the drive of surveillance cameras;
  • in some car anti-theft systems.

Advantages of the complex solution Absolute: SmartInc

An integrated approach to solving monitoring problems is the most effective and economically justified.

  • The ability to quickly respond to changes in controlled parameters to make timely management decisions.
  • Scalability by connecting additional sensors and devices, including third-party manufacturers.
  • The failure of one sensor doesn’t affect the operation of the entire system.
  • Ability to integrate with other monitoring systems to perform a wider range of tasks.
  • Data accumulation and visualization, generation of analytical reports and graphs.
  • Low cost of the solution when connecting the system "turnkey".

Inclinometer SmartInc

The tilt angle sensor is easy to install. The sensor housing is designed for mounting on the outer surface of devices and mechanisms, and is able to withstand significant vibration loads.

Inclinometer SmartInc


  • DC supply voltage – V 12-60.
  • Maximum power consumption – no more than 3 watts.
  • Measurement error – ±0.05 deg.
  • Temperature drift – ±0.05 arc deg. over the entire operating temperature range.
  • ADC resolution – 16 bits.
  • Interface – RS-485.
  • Data transfer protocol – Modbus.
  • Overall dimensions – 108х58х33 mm.
  • Weight – no more than 0.3 kg.
  • Time of continuous work is not limited.
  • The operating temperature range – from minus 40 to plus 50 °C.
  • Relative humidity of the ambient air at a temperature not exceeding plus 25 ° C – 95%.
  • Service life – not less than 10 years.

Advantages of sensor SmartInc

  • Convenient installation, mounting does not depend on the type of surface.
  • Long service life.
  • High reliability and vandal resistance.
  • Does not interfere with regulatory work on the site.
  • Can be equipped with additional sensors, such as weather monitoring and CO2 level detection.

Our company is a developer of software and equipment for IoT, which allows us to modify or customize solutions for the client’s tasks.

You can order and buy only tilt angle sensors or an automated monitoring system as a whole. The devices can be modified according to the customer's requirements.

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