Absolute: SmartTrace – monitoring of brake shoes of rolling stock

A solution for railway companies

The development of modern transport systems is interconnected with the solution of the problems of monitoring the condition and dislocation of both rolling stock and auxiliary technical devices. In the field of implementing the processes of securing rolling stock, the most important and responsible technical device is the stopper. It allows you to fix both a single carriage and the entire train.

The brake shoe itself is a heavy metal tool. Therefore, it is often an object of theft for the purpose of selling as scrap metal. Theft of the stopper poses a great danger to both the transported cargo and people. A train or a separate carriage without a restraint device can start involuntary movement at any time.

We offer a complex solution for remote monitoring Absolut: SmartTrace allows to promptly notify the services about the brake shoes location and condition.

Problems to be solved during implementation:
  • Automation and digitalization of the station technological processes.
  • Increasing the level of train traffic safety and labor protection at the station. Prevention and identification of precedents for violation of the order and norms of fixing carriage.
  • Ensuring strict control over the safety of inventory.
  • Minimizing human errors, emergency situations and, as a consequence, financial losses.
  • Possibility of using railway tracks remote from the place of permanent residence of workers.

Working principle

Monitoring system of brake shoes of rolling stock Absolute: SmartTrace

Location and condition of the brake shoe determination with reference to the terrain is carried out using a special transmitting device (sensor) SmartTrace attached to the brake shoe.

The SmartTrace sensor transmits information according to the specified parameters to the control and monitoring center (IoT-platform Absolute: SmartCloud). You can additionally connect receiving devices (tablet, mobile phone, computer, etc.) to the platform.

The operator sees on the map the location of the brake shoes and their condition: working, non-working or emergency (fall, incorrect installation).

In case of an emergency, an SMS and e-mail alert can be sent to the responsible employees.

SmartTrace brake shoe location sensor

Brake shoe position sensor

The SmartTrace sensor is made in a shape that optimally matches the design of the braking device. The device contains a system for measuring the angle of inclination (inclinometer) to determine the condition of the shoe and a GPS receiver for precise positioning.

Technical characteristics:
  • the sensor can operate in an aggressive environment (operation in a temperature range of –35°С...+50°С, snow, rain, possible shocks, vibrations, etc.);
  • autonomous operation without battery replacement up to 1 year;
  • maximum accuracy of determining the coordinates of the location of the brake shoe - 5 meters;
  • the ability to quickly replace the battery in the device;
  • the sensor is placed on the stopper without violating its structure;
  • has anti-vandal design on the stopper;
  • the minimum dimensions.

Possibilities of monitoring cabinet

  • display on the map of the area the coordinates of the brake shoe with its number;
  • notification of a change in the location of the brake shoe;
  • control of the battery charge of the transmitting device;
  • determination of the state of the brake shoe (mounted horizontally on rails or in a vertical position on a storage rack) with automatic notification of a change in state;
  • saving an archive of all movements of monitoring objects;
  • connection to the software of an unlimited number of users.

Brake shoe location map

Displaying monitoring objects in the user account Absolute: SmartTrace

Current projects

At the Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian Railway, together with the telecom operator A1, an experimental project is being carried out to develop and implement technical means that make it possible to determine the location and condition of the brake shoe and display it on a map using modern geoinformation technologies.

The implementation of this project will make it possible to control the availability of brake shoes and their placement at any time, without the worker exit on the station path and in remote areas, reducing his presence in the high-risk zone.

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