Oracle Corporation

Oracle is an American transnational corporation, second largest software developer by revenue (after Microsoft), largest corporate software developer, large supplier of server hardware.

We are Oracle’s business partner, having obtained all the relevant certificates and GOLD partner status. Our partnership entitles us to work with Oracle’s products, prepare type certifications, install software, provide technical advises and consultations, as well as carry out other activities, related to Oracle products.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

One of the largest American IT companies, hardware and software supplier for companies and individuals.

HP produces and implements solutions in the field of IT infrastructure, personal computing systems and access units, renders service support, system integration, and outsourcing services.

HP Enterprise Business Partner

Positive Technologies

Positive Technologies is an independent high-growth global cybersecurity company.

NEWLAND is an authorized partner Positive Technologies in the Republic of Belarus.

Eastwind CJSC

Eastwind is one of the largest Russian developers and software suppliers for mobile service providers. The company operates in the field of OSS/BSS, Messaging and VAS development, data collection and analysis.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

Huawei is one of the largest Chinese telecommunication companies. Huawei solutions and products include: wireless network equipment, backbone network equipment, network devices, software and firmware, terminals.

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Sangfei CEC Electronics Rus LLC

Sangfei CEC Electronics Rus represents Philips GSM business activities in CIS region within four different fields: semiconductors and electronic components, computer technology and devices, telecommunication networks and terminals, appliances.


ZTE is one is the leading Chinese multinational companies that manufactures telecommunication equipment and related systems. The company comprises of three major business units. Among company’s major products are: wireless and optical equipment, telecommunication equipment, mobile phones and telecommunication software and firmware. Moreover, ZTE offers related services.

Patio Plus

Patio Plus is the owner of “Allo!” trademark. Currently it consists of 75 proprietary retail points, located in 42 cities in the Republic of Belarus.

“Allo!” mobile phone chain retailer is one of the mobile phone sale leaders in Belarus. The company offers a wide range of goods to its customers: mobile phones, DECT phones, notebooks and tablets, navigation systems, dashboard cameras and other. Patio plus also offers mobile network subscriptions and other additional mobile service provider’s services (Velcom, MTS).

NetProbe LLC

The major services and business domain of NetProbe LLC is the development and implementation of traffic analyses systems, multiservice network management and monitoring systems, design, IP/MPLS network building, network operation outsourcing, system integration.

Company’s major product is IP Quality Monitor (IQM) –software and hardware solution intended for measurement, monitoring and management of the end-to-end IP quality parameters.

BelEvroset FLLC

BelEvroset is subsidiary of Evroset-Retail LLC (“Evroset” trademark, Russian Federation).

Major business domain of BelEvroset FLLC is retail sale of: mobile phones, portable digital electronics, accessories, mobile network subscriptions, as well as provision of services and accepting payments. Currently BelEvroset FLLC includes 100 retail points.