Laboratory for testing product hypotheses

Laboratory for testing product hypotheses – a software solution for quickly building MVP and testing product hypotheses with subsequent product launches.

MVP (minimum viable product) is a product or service with minimally sufficient functionality. Using the MVP allows you to quickly get feedback to correct the further development of the product.

Purpose: development and launch of IT products and services with flexible integration with partners, assessment of the potential of a new proposal with the possibility of making quick changes; reducing costs and time to market for products and services.

Scope of application: banks, financial and microfinance organizations, insurance companies, retail, IT companies, telecom.


  • integration with partners, regardless of their specifics and industry;
  • adaptation of unique offers for target audiences;
  • optimization of proposals, analysis of their potential;
  • high-quality and fast testing of hypotheses for multiple target audiences;
  • flexible change in the composition of package offers;
  • convenient changes to the pricing policy (tariffs with different functions / checking the elasticity of demand and prices).

Business Value

The economic effect, attraction and retention of customers are achieved by:

  • reduction of development costs by 15-30%;
  • acceleration of product launch to the market by up to 30%;
  • combining services and products with partners for sales through your own network;
  • automation of business processes.

The laboratory for testing product hypotheses is being deployed on the basis of a hybrid integration platform. In the process of using HIP, full automation of business processes is possible.

If necessary, the product is refined to the customer's requirements using ProCoder or Low Code development modes. Additional microservices and APIs can be created.

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